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What a relief!

What a relief!

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If our relatives are often seen in our baby arm, they will quickly develop demented opinions. Where's the limit, what do you consider to be a comfort, and is it a problem at all?

What a relief!

Love means paying attention to our child, what do you really need development and that's what we're supporting. It's unnecessary to ask if we're going to leave the playground, because we know how long we can stay. The freedom of choice and decision should be given to the child in small things, but the essential requests, such as what we eat, where we go, stay or go, is not within their remit. There are some minor inquiries in which you can decide, for example. which skirt you would like to wear between the two which we have chosen, but it is too much responsibility for him to decide on things that are too small.The rules are made by the parent and the child can move freely within them. We well know that children need rules and patterns, and they will be lost. We will not do it if we "give everything" to him from the outside. It is usually the tools, objects, and toys that are the least important to happiness, and even these can be hindered in healthy physical and mental development. Indulgence, in addition to hoarding, also means removing the "burdens" that a child has he should cope alone. So you are underdeveloped by age - it really can't be our goal, because it will go through some difficult times when we can't stand it. So we cheated, we paint a brighter, lighter world than he encounters. So don't give him pacifiers, sweetened juices, too many games to play, no fun. Let's enjoy the natural sensation of food, let's find it, so you can calm yourself down, let's find what you find rewarding. Predict what your child really needs at that time! However, it is also true that pushing for something that he or she is not doing can be a damaging process, as there are many causes of failure. It is very important, therefore, to always take into account not only age but also individual characteristics. The same skills of the children do not develop at the same time, do not forget this. Nor does the electoral reaction of the electorate be the same as the indulgence.
- The favored child
- Shall I indulge or not?


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