Play mat: From basic to piano

Play mat: From basic to piano

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If you want to develop a baby in a safe environment and age, you will definitely need a play mat. We'll tell you why and what to choose.

So far, you may have thought that a play mat was just a waste of money, and while it was fun to play, it was capable of developing babies.

What is a play mat and why do you have one at home?

The play mat is usually a soft, colorful and fun surface filled with amusement elements that, once the baby is laid, can be guaranteed to play under safe conditions. Carpets with zippered, spongy, musical games, small circles, cabins and other optional accessories are not only reserved for longer periods of time, but also in the middle.

Use our Baby Development Calculator to keep track of your baby's development!

Professionals emphasize the importance of two to three months of age on the abdomen. It is advisable to put the baby on your tummy 1-2 times a day for 5-10 minutes (and then longer and longer), as it is essential for the preparation, training, recovery and recovery of the muscles needed. The perfect choice for these occasions is a super multifunctional play mat that the little one can move around freely.

How long?

Most play mats can be used from the neonatal age, but there are some that can serve well for up to 2 years. However, they are usually recommended between the ages of 0-6 months, because it is when the baby develops the most motor skills and begins to really explore the world around them.

How do you develop?

Babies are stimulated by almost all sensory organs (seeing, hearing, touching) with the various functions of carpets. Although newborns are only 20-30 cm distant in their first month of life, they can be observed on the play mat to observe shapes and contrasting colors, which greatly enhances their appearance.If you want to develop a baby in a safe environment and age, you will definitely need a play mat. Another super tool for this little kid: not only does our child enchant his or her self-image, but in order to see himself, he has to change the position of his head, are!

Simple, basic, with a few extras

The simplest smooth, lightweight carpets are in the lowest category. These have the advantage of being easy to pack, folded, rolled up and carried anywhere. If they only contain colors and shapes (out of reach, no harder gloves), you can use either blankets or diapers. It is easier to wash and clean them.

The vault

Playmats with the vault and hanging hangers and pots can be used in the new age, as the baby can only lie on the back. In many cases, they are smaller in size and easy to ship.

The uber

There are also Irish (approximately 1.5x1 meter) rugs, which are very good for children of mature age. If you are planning for a longer distance, and you do not want to put your baby in a fast paced cycle back on the carpet, it is worth hunting as much as possible. Most of these rugs also come with a number of developer games: they contain a clean, bumpy, removable fly. And, of course, the large surface gives the little one room for strength and movement of the muscles, along with the freedom of movement.

The feathers

There are rugs that have a cushion similar to an extra neckband. This smaller baby can help, as it provides support on your belly and keeps your tiny body steady, leaving your two hands free for forgotten games. It is often detachable, so it can really function as a necktie for older kids.

The karma

If you do not want your baby to roll down or fall off the carpet, you can also get smaller cushioned play rugs. In many cases these can be removed or unlinked. It may be practical to run out of the room for a moment and be afraid that the child will be harmed.

Provided with baby monitor, portable music recorder

There is also a piano version. The piano can kill the baby with its foot pads, which "stimulate exercise," thus neglecting to work on all the little muscles in the baby. And we can play recorded tunes. (Kйpen: Fisher-Price Pillangmacis Play Rug)Related articles on Child Development:
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