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Kуrodбbуl High-tech Clinic

Kуrodбbуl High-tech Clinic

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If someone breaks into II. s. Birth and Maternity Clinic, make you feel like you're not coming home. And if you add the professionalism of human resources to the high-tech equipment, you can rest assured that you are in the right hands.

Saddle room living room

II. s. In 2006, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology celebrated its 125th anniversary. Over the course of 125 years, the development of medicine and the practice of obstetrics, its theoretical foundations, its practical operation, its scientific knowledge, and its technical possibilities have undergone a change in the world.
Of course, the clinic has also contributed to this development with its own tools. II. s. The story of the birth and nursing clinic began with the acquisition of the leased house on Bodzafa Street. s. The birthplace of Szigetsze worked from 1881 to 1898. On July 10, 1881, Franz Joseph was appointed by William Tauffer, a university professor, to the school and the puppy training began.
In the house owned by Erno Simonyi bar there were sheds outside the residence. The stables became the classroom, the saddle chamber the living room, the upstairs rooms a children's classroom, and the ground floor room. The resort operated 43 beds, of which 6 were beds. This house became one of the witches of the righteous Hungarian women's church.
The new clinic was built in 1896 and was completed in 1898. The cost was the exact cost of the Freiburg clinic. The clinic initially operated at 120 beds, then expanded to 200 beds. Two more pavilion blocks were built for the hospital in 1914, but the newly erected blocks were made available to the wounded because of the World War. The 200-bed modern clinic has played an important role in the training of babies, medical students, doctors and in scientific research.
The building was rebuilt and rebuilt between 1965 and 1975.
To this day, professionals are working hard to provide patients with European-level service within the walls of the clinic.

Everything about patients

Patients can benefit from a wide range of clinic services.
Not only pregnant women, but also some of them can participate in a well-prepared birth program. Occupational topics are announced in advance by specialist doctors.
Within the infertility program, all infant pairs are examined and treated by each member. Outpatient work is supported by the Endocrinology Department and the Andrology Laboratory. The Family Planning Specialist can be contacted for advice on contraception, but this is where Teenager and Emergency Birth Dispensaries are located.
In the framework of progressive care, patients are referred to the clinic who cannot be adequately treated in other institutions.


Newborn babies are welcomed in a cultured clean environment. The living rooms and the rest are equipped with European technology - almost 22nd century.
Buttering can occur in comfortably designed leather armchairs, but if one chooses a rubber ball, they also have the opportunity. Parenting is a daily routine and can be freely chosen by a physician and a nurse. Anyone requesting anesthesia during birth can receive it.
It is a routine in the class to perform pain relief in the middle of the spine. A surgical incision is performed only when necessary: ​​for example, in the case of premature birth. Cupping is performed for professional reasons if the condition of the mother and / or the fetus so requires.
Once the baby is born, she can be with her mother in comfortably designed rooms. There is a great need for it, and so many people enjoy the rooming-in service. Nursing professionals support early breastfeeding, as breast milk is best for the baby's development.
It is also possible to have a stem cell finding at the clinic.

The clinic is also an educational and training center

The university as a university clinic also fulfills the role of educator and training center.
Foreign relations are diverse. The vast majority of physicians working here have knowledge and useful experience in a number of institutes from England to America. There are several habilitated grand doctors among professionals, but the institute also boasts a number of PhD and candidate degrees. The clinic carries out valuable research activities in association with the University.
Here is one of the realities that surgical interventions can be observed from a monitor: for example, during an endoscopic course, physicians may ask the physician for online inquiries.
The institute regularly publishes in magazines and specialized journals and organizes and holds numerous scientific events.
II. s. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Departmental Director: Prof. Attila Pajor
Head of Department: Dr. Бcs Nбndor
Number of parents:at an average of 2100 / year
Alternative living room:there is
Health Care Professionals Number:51
Alapнtvбny: Healthy Fetus and Newborn Foundation
Bank Account Number: 11708001-20382708-00000000