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5 Things Not to Discuss with a Toddler

5 Things Not to Discuss with a Toddler

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If you are 4 years younger in your home, then challenge yourself to the next unnecessary battle with your spiritual mind.

Which is why it's not worth arguing with a small child

There are days when it is easier to buy beachless hysterics, but on other days you could be chased out of the world. We are sorry to say that you are not alone in this, and unfortunately every child has a period when histories are commonplace. However, in order not to be completely nervous and waste your energy, you also need to know that there are things that are not worth fighting for.

1. Children are loud. Point.

Do you want your child to lower his voice, shouting again after two minutes (to the neighbors' biggest noise)? Young children simply cannot adjust the volume. In fact, it does not seem that everyone is louder in the room. They speak normally by shouting. So just accept it and refuel it.

2. Give up your hopes for a nightly routine

All you want is for your child to listen to the evening's tale after a relaxing bath and then - without any hesitation - snooze to sleep? Do you want too much? Well, yes. We are not very familiar with a family where the evening routine runs perfectly smoothly. Unfortunately, this is also an age-specific problem, so you better clench your teeth and do it without unnecessary nervousness. This will go away (once).

3. Don't take away what you are so attached to

If it was an old ragged, gnarled monkey that you would most like to trash, then no! Either he'll scream until you give it back, or he'll find something else that's even more disgusting. One day he'll buy it and then do what you want him to do. (We'll bet you will finally wash it and put it in a memory box that, if you find your baby 20 years from now, won't know what the hell that is disgusting, scrawny, and what you kept).

4. Toddler fashion is really high art - don't try to understand it!

Rubber boots with a magenta color, short trouser jacket or sunglasses, a cap and 17 necklaces - whatever your child's kit for the day, take a breath and keep them cool. Your little dress may not be very haute couture, but it doesn't reflect your parenting skills, even if you get a little strange or skinny look on the street. Smile and go on. In the meantime, be aware of the need to express and express your expression. (This lesson will also come in handy when you come home with turquoise hair and nose piercing in your teens.)

5. Don't fight for food!

We are not thinking about dropping it off the table now (so be sure to). But when you make yourself a mother of crap because your kid doesn't eat broccoli, salmon, whole wheat toast or quinoa salad. Or when you try to persuade a tiptop white french restaurant to eat a pre-loaded quiche (pronounce: small). Give yourself up! The fact that the majority of children were willing to eat chicken nuggets and french fries alone did not become a accident. In most cases, it is very true. Always tempt the child with what you eat, but do not feel bad even if you want to eat buttery bread and banana every blessed day for two weeks.The following articles may also be of interest to you:
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