Red and itchy skin: you may also refer to it

Red and itchy skin: you may also refer to it

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If you have itchy, red spots on your skin again, you should not be fooled by the fact that you can only have winter skin.

Red and itchy skin may also indicate thisDr. Rouge Annambria, according to Dermatica skin care, if you are diagnosed with eczema, you should develop a careful treatment protocol and an appropriate lifestyle that can be maintained.

You can apply at any age

If your skin turns red these days, itching, itching, and wanting to make your skin feel more important, we need to make sure it's not the thick, possibly linen, the air in the home, the inadequate cleansers. However, if you do not sleep properly and your symptoms may worsen, a dermatologic examination is recommended. You may find out if you have an eczema. ekcйma according to the latest data, 10% to 17% of children in Europe are affected, whereas in adulthood this is 5% to 7%. In half of the cases, the symptoms are present in the first year of life, and before the age of 5 years the diagnosis may be made right. Less common is that in adulthood, the symptoms of congenital eczema, atopic dermatitis, begin. atopic dermatitis chronic inflammation of the skin, which recurs with skin, mild itching. The disease has a genetic basis, responding differently to the external and internal effects of the skin in an abnormal manner. The appearance of congenital eczema varies with age, but skin and itching are common in all stages. From infancy to adulthood on the lining of the thighs, hips, neck, thighs, red, thicker patches, the skin is often rough to the touch. Skin itching is very strong, often very tender. Symptoms are influenced by a number of factors such as infections, food and external allergies, stress.

He talks to other specialists

- The essential part of the treatment is the permanent hydration of the skin, the restoration of lost fats and lipids, which is important even in asymptomatic conditions. Local antiinflammatory drugs cure inflammation in a relatively short period of time, which results in almost immediate relief. When relieving symptoms, so-called immunomodulatory formulations (creams, ointments) are also used to maintain a longer asymptomatic state. Professionally used immunomodulatory agents are safe over the long term, preventing inflammatory processes from occurring without the skin being damaged, says dr. Rуzsa Annamбria, Dermatic bхrgyуgyбsza.- the betegsйgtхl йs the szemйlytхl fьggхen termйszetesen szбmos mбs kiegйszнtх kezelйs jцhet szуba well as some viszketйscsillapнtу drugs, medical speciбlis fйnyterбpiбra, gyуgyszeres kezelйs.Йrdemes utбnajбrni any provokбlу tйnyezхknek also be нgy szьksйg allergy, fogбszati , as well as for pharmaceutical and internal examinations. In some cases, food allergies or intolerances may be evident in young children, and the provocative role of environmental allergies, pollens and fragrances may be more significant in adolescence and adulthood. However, in many cases, due to careful examination, it is not possible to detect the cause responsible for the symptoms, apart from the predisposed predisposition.

What can the affected person do?

- Regular hydration should also avoid skin irritation. Therefore, we prefer to shower instead of bathing and then use the body recommended by your doctor. These are fragrance- and color-free formulations specially formulated for eczema skin care.
- In the clothes avoid the use of fertilizers And wool is the best choice for cotton garments.
- There is no need for a separate diet during meals, except for those with dietary allergies. Our diet should be varied, rich in green, and avoid additive and additives. Consumption of strong spicy foods is not recommended as they may increase the symptoms by sweating with sweat.
- It is also worth learning some stress management method, because tense state of mind can trigger eczema on its own.Related articles on atopic dermatitis:
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