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We've got you a baby room!

We've got you a baby room!

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When a new baby arrives, we need to rearrange the apartment, including the baby room. When we, the Maternity editorial staff, came to you in early January, we brought with us countless ideas, ideas, and plans to spend even more time with us!

What's changed?

What you love so far is nothing! Give it a go, advertise it, buy it and sell it, we look forward to welcoming you. However, we want you to find the answer to all your requests, as easily as ever. Clicking on the homepage now, you will find: In the middle, we recommend five daily articles, to the right you can read the suggestions of the previous articles, and on the right you can find games, searches, and exciting applications. In the top menu, we've grouped the articles the way you look for the most: You'll be right there if you are planning a baby, if you are looking for it, but even if you change it, you want to give it a pinch. From the left hand menu, you can choose what you like most and most: the forum, blog, search engines and calculators, videos.

What we cook, we taste it! Here we have a broccoli cheesecake, but we also have parents, editors and newborn guides to a goal: to keep all our readers up to date and up to date!

Here, we wait for your feedback, and ask, the three of us answer everything. Here are a thousand more articles that have moved with us today from Find and find the solution in them. Now we introduce ourselves:

Bblitz Йva

I'm the editor-in-chief of Maternity Magazine, eleven years old, and the mother of three children Misu (14), Panna (1,5) and Peti (8,5). It is clear, then, that if you need a career and family counseling, you will find me. Most of all, my kids taught me about pregnancy, parenting, and babies, not to mention patience, footing. My idea is that the readers of our articles will find out the most authentic and most advanced of all topics, and we will follow up with it. Until we get an acceptable answer, we ask. Stay with us in the baby room too!

W. Ungvбry Renбta

For twenty-one years I have been following my first child-only reader of Maternity, and for eighteen years I have authored and edited ten years to keep up-to-date, practical content in my favorite magazine. Among them are children, Matyi (21), Kristuf (18), Fülöp (13) and Ilonka (4), and I am increasingly involved in my favorite subject of nursing and nursing. They can only get the best! In between, of course, it's important that you find yourself and have a really good time in your skin. I always keep this in mind as we can be the best parents for our children! You can read more about my family and my blog in my blog and ask about breastfeeding.

Judit Szхdy

When I was defending my thesis on early mother-child relationships, my third baby was just one week old. At the same time, the editor of a newspaper, reading my thesis, discovered that I was truly a newbie, but I had not taken it up. After that, I happily devote much of my day to spreading the news in Kismama magazine, then editing it, but also "live" at the Kismama magazine club or on-line personal advice. In the meantime, I have also obtained a Breastfeeding Advice (IBCLC). Thanks to all of this, my children, Bel (21), Marci (19), Benedict (16) and Julia (11), know much more about a pregnant baby, than a regular teenager. Fortunately, as the years go by, I do not wish to be depressed, I trust that our readers will make use of all the knowledge that they gather from experts, books and their own experience: Also check out my blog where you can post questions too!