This is the government's decision to support the flask program

This is the government's decision to support the flask program

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More and more couples are having problems with fertility, lists are more month-long, and free treatment comes with hundreds of thousands of drug costs. The support system has been transformed for years by the government.

This is the government's decision to support the flask program

According to hvg.hu, the government has decided to extend state support for the flask program. There are fewer monthly - or even yearly - lists for private institutions, and free treatment does not mean total free treatment, as it has to be counted in hundreds of thousands of drug costs wanting to participate in a publicly supported flask program. More and more people: Every fifth year, every fifth couple has had problems with fertility, and almost every fourth has ever since. .Although Emmi's health secretary, at the beginning of last week, had called on hvg.hu to say that "a change in the law is still ongoing", according to their information, Most importantly, an ven is a doubled - from 6,000 to 12,000 volume limits for publicly supported flask treatments. So far, they wanted to participate in the program far more than the funding provided by the OEP, and, in fact, many people could not pay up to a million dollars in treatment medication. Because of this, the lists are long.2. The medication rate of those taking part in the state program will increase from the current 70 percent to 90, which means that while the affected people have paid 30 percent so far, in the future they will pay only a third. In practice, this means that instead of the current average of $ 250-300,000 80-100,000 in the future can be calculated.3. A logbook is set up with the institutions to show how many and where they are waiting and where there is a need for excess capacity.4. So far, she has been able to participate in the state-sponsored program until her first child, and has funded five IVF cycles in Social Security. The latter does not change, but the one-child barrier is lifted: if a child has a successful, supported flask, then they can reapply for as long as they wish, and as long as the child remains healthy. The government also encourages Hungarian government-owned institutions participating in the program to purchase equipment in order to be able to implement the increased cycle number not only on paper but also in practice. According to hvg.hu, the Health Secretary gives a year's worth of changes, meaning that the long list of people who want to stay in the world and who wants to stay .hu so you know only state institutions could be involved, the Hungarian Flask Manipulators do not get the 60 percent cable institute and other private institutions from the surplus. Although they do not lose their already supported vouchers, the government has been pushing private institutions out of the market for a long time. You don't have to take any extra steps to do this: if everyone can go to a public institution for a publicly supported program, why would you pay heavy money to a private employee.
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