How did HipnoSzlıs help you? - As the mother sees it

How did HipnoSzlıs help you? - As the mother sees it

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Although it sounds mysterious at first, it is actually a completely "natural" technique. What you need to know about HypnoBirthing And what do those who have tried it say about the method?

How did HypnoSzlıs help you? - As the mother sees itThis technique gives back to our born motherly lust and helps our child to take on the world in the greatest amount of peace and happiness, and with as little pain as possible.

But what is Hypnosis?

The increasingly popular HypnoBirthing method Marie Mongan developed by a hypnotherapist. We actually have a childbirth-assisted "procedure" underneath that different relaxation exercises, breathing techniques and visualization it is able to put the mother in a state of rest so that she will not be distressed by stressful birth. So for you and for your baby, the world is looking for a weaker, happy event.Kuharcsik Rice is a prominent figure in the HypnoBirthing program. Kйpzйsein szбmtalan maternity sajбtнtotta the цrцmteli szьlйshez vezetх lйpйseket a success. "A lot of pozitнv hatбsa is this mуdszernek that kцzьl kiemelkedх elkerьlйsйt the szьlйsi traumбk segнtх preventнv йrtйke. The knowledge, бthangolуdбs йs everyday relaxбlбs posts by these people of the mother psychologically calm, magabiztossб vбlik йs takes a high level of mentбlis elcsendesedйsi kйszsйgйt what will be the kйpes szьlйs nehezнtett kцrьlmйnyei kцzt to apply "- as kulcsfontossбgъ Rйka.A technology elements include kцzй pйldбul the цnhipnуzis the szьlйs kьlцnbцzх stages of illeszkedх lйgzйstechnikбk hasznбlata the mйlyrelaxбciу йs the vizualizбciу well. Within the program, the mother builds a relationship with her baby to strengthen her capacity to visualize how her body naturally does its job during childbirth, and to help you pregnant women who are very afraid of having a baby or who have been in a bad condition during a previous pregnancy or childbirth. Technique allows these fears, traumas, memories to be released. Christina has given birth to her first child for 3 months. By his own admission, the birth process was fearsome. I have tried other relaxation techniques that I have used successfully before, so I didn't stop myself from being born without this alternative; "The truth is, I have run into the Hypnosis topic completely by accident, I don't even remember reading about it on the Internet or in a magazine, but in any case, I wondered if I could then when I get to the point of йletemben "- mesйli.A relaxed stress free szьlйs lehetхsйgйn tъl course, many of us valуszнnыleg fбjdalom elkerьlйse the sounds of legйrdekesebben, because who does not szeretnй elkerьlni the fбjdalomcsillapнtуk hasznбlatбt, up gyermekйt йs vilбgra the lehetх legtermйszetesebben all egyйb beavatkozбs nйlkьl. "When consciousness m relieved from the fear and stress that the body responds to with tension and pain, the birth itself can break much more relentlessly, with 92% of women having a cut. The mother preserves her physical education, her child is brought to the forefront in a more fragile, hilarious and moody way, "Ruka Kuharcsik introduces in this area.

How do we prepare for HypnoBirthing?

The method can be learned today in many ways, which is worth 6-8 of pregnancy. start coming in from day one. This allows for proper physical and mental tuning and confident mastery of the techniques. If a person carries or fйlelemmel, szorongбssal vбrja the szьlйs pillanatбt very bad korбbbi szьlйsйlmйnyt йrdemes then you have already started the felkйszьlйst the terhessйg korбbbi szakaszбban, нgy biztosнtva the psychological burden of enyhьlйsйt йs kellх цnbizalom tъl course elsajбtнtбsбt.A courses you have already a theme in literature jelentхs elйrhetх . The Three Childish Flower, for example, has completely obliterated the mysteries of Hypnosis; " I also participated in a lecture within a series of programs. I tried to bring out my second and third child with this method and started practicing the techniques described in the book from the 30th week onwards. after getting to know him, and joining a course relatively early, he applied what he had learned to his specific needs: "I started getting pregnant from the 5th of my first month, then I was in the group. , because the method is k to practice, it would be better for you to get to those you may be interested in as soon as possible. That's why I'm pregnant for the second time since I started preparing for HypnoBirthing from the beginning, "Dorka said of her experience.

The active role of the Father and the Helpers

One of the less popular but also very important elements of the HypnoBirthing method is that the assistant (partner, family member, or even dad) is actively involved in the process. It is common to hear that a father is hard to come by when he is helplessly looking at events with his partners. There are more subtle gestures than moments that help physically and mentally support the little one, from the beginning of the birth to the moment the baby is born. " small movements to keep your little one in the brain so that you pay attention to what you need. Dorka's husband also prepared himself for the baby room: "I had a baby on my birth occasion, who did not perform all the elements of the method, but it was completely accurate. our baby has given me a worldwide belief that I can do a baby at rest, and for the second time, it has helped me specifically with breathing, "recalls the mother of two.

But does it really work?

Can we really control our bodies, our thoughts, so much so that we can influence such a powerful event? The mothers with whom I spoke positively about the HypnoBirth technique during the interview and agreed that it helped them both in their pregnancy and in their pregnancy. it was already low. Even though the flower was in a state of prolonged distress, she was tired and had no power to apply the proper breathing techniques and mental presence, and Christina was so quick to hear and dear her baby was outside. Dorka was able to adhere to the "rules of the game" at first parent level until the second stage and only implemented certain elements of technology in her second parent, for expectant mothers, HypnoBirth: "A relaxation technique that you can use anywhere, anytime, in any situation. You need peace of mind and confidence in yourself, women can be born - or at least minimized - without fear and pain teased in our bodieswhich was born to avoid unnecessary medical interventions and mental and physical injuries. I think this kind of awareness helps everyone, both the baby and the baby. "Related articles:
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