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The best sleep positions during pregnancy

The best sleep positions during pregnancy

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Do you sleep like that? Or hot? Unfortunately, none recommended during the pregnancy. Then you're going to sleep?

The most comfortable position is if you are lying on one side on the bed, bending your knees. You can put a light cushion under your stomach, between your legs or your back, as comfortable as possible. Forget about stomach sleep. As your breasts and tummy grow, this situation becomes more and more uncomfortable. Unfortunately, lying on the back is not advised over time, as the weight of your growing flesh puts more and more pressure on your spine, your back muscles and your body. This is not good for the baby either.

Sleep on one side

In addition to your circulatory problems, the following problems cause you to sleep on your back:
  • Muscle pain, goldsmith.
  • Low blood pressure that can make you feel sick, especially when you try to sit down or stand up. Interestingly, the position on the back is slightly opposite: their blood pressure will be high.
  • Snoring, which can easily lead to sleep apnea, sleep disorder.
There is some suggestion that lying on the left side is healthy because it does not burden the organs. Some have suggested that sleeping on the right side may cause stomach upset. Well, there is no real proof for these, so just sleep on the side where you are comfortable or vary them the way it does. If you wake up lying on your back at night, don't panic, just turn to one of your pages and sleep on. The original article is here.They may also be interested in: