The first examinations if the baby does not come

The first examinations if the baby does not come

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We have more and more accurate methods for testing couple productivity. Although conception is usually simple and quick, there are actually many factors involved.

If regular sex does not come with the baby, the doctor can search for many causes nowadays, and yet we are still there to say that we can solve the root problem and find a cure for everything.

The first steps

The examination of males is based on sperm tests. They control the number, motility and quality of the human germ cells. It should also be determined whether the patient has any infection that may affect fertilizing ability.
In some cases, sperms may prove to be perfect under laboratory conditions and may not pass properly when passed into the vagina. It is possible that the vagina decimates the hormone cells too much, or the female body's overpowering and immune response to "foreign" intruders destroys healthy sperm. In order to find out, the test should be performed immediately after making love.

Femininity helps you identify possible causes

In women, she begins with a thorough women's and oncology screening, and then continues with human papillomavirus and chlamydial tests. During a vaginal ultrasound examination of the pelvis, the doctor receives an accurate picture of the condition of the female genitalia, anatomical drawing, size, shape. It can recognize different abnormalities, developmental problems, what we have, the structure of the ovaries, and the tendency of the heart to develop. Major ovarian abnormalities, such as polycystic ovarian abnormalities or endometriosis, may occur to a large extent.

The most important recommended lab tests are for women

  • Generally Blood, routine exams
  • specific female hormones (FSH, LH, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, prolactin, βHCG
  • thyroid function (TSH, T3, T4, anti TPO)
  • carbohydrate metabolism (basic and stress tests for blood sugar, insulin, insulin resistance)
  • blood coagulation tests (PLT, APTi, Ti, Leiden mutation tests)
  • It's part of the therapy

    In addition to modern laboratory tests, ultrasound monitors, for example, the maturation process of the follicles and precisely determines when the most productive day can be expected. The starting point for any treatment is to determine if the fallopian tubes are transparent. The thin, small canal is washed with contrast media, and the doctor can also get an idea of ​​the structure of the lining.
    And the ample effect of the intervention may be to remove the lighter adhesions. If treatment has been ineffective for an extended period of time, then the anatomy, laparoscopic examination of the abdomen and pelvis is performed. If an abnormality is found, in many cases the same method can significantly improve or completely cure the abnormalities.
    Hiszteroszkуpiбnak call for intervention when examining the mumps and the oviducts of the ovaries, and, if possible, resolve the problem.
    Expertise: Dr. Győrgy Szхnyi Szsles-ngygygysz,
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