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Fish in the bowl!

Fish in the bowl!

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Consuming thirty deca fish a week can do a great deal for ourselves and our developing fetus for health.

The fish contains valuable yeast and long-lasting, unsaturated (omega 3) fatty acids. Judeus plays an important role in the development of the fetal thyroid gland and brain. According to Danish experts, the risk of premature birth is reduced if a mother eats fish at least once a week. Fetal brains and vision develop better due to long-lasting unsaturated fatty acids, and even babies who have had their mothers' abundant access to these beneficial ingredients have also fallen asleep. Like breast milk, nutritional supplements nowadays contain such fatty acids. Mainly herring, salmon, mackerel are stored in larger quantities in the flesh. Although these fish are more caloric, they are healthy. They retain their beneficial ingredients not only freshly, but also in canned food. These fatty acids do not fatten, protect you from a heart attack, and prevent the thickening and thickening of the walls. Vegetarians can replace fish with rapeseed oil.


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