Boy, doesn't it matter?

Boy, doesn't it matter?

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I once heard the terrible fact that a baby with no arms raised by a mother who had been to multiple sites had a total of six fetal ultrasound exam ... How is that possible?

Boy, doesn't it matter?

Fortunately, abnormalities with limb deficiency are uncommon but often very severe. Most importantly, they cannot be prevented, but they are recognizable! Those who have been pregnant with ultrasound know that they routinely see the baby's head, spine, and femur in the examination. But that's not enough! Attention should be given - and fortunately most attention is paid at the most - to the appearance of the abdominal wall, the presence of fluids in the stomach, the kidneys (and possibly the bladder), and, of course, the nicely. I don't even realize that with a good ultrasound you can actually see the face of a fetus at seven weeks, and the parents can recognize it. The purpose of routine pregnancy ultrasound is not it occurs unexpectedly in children of healthy families. From New Year's Eve approx. They are born with 3 developmental abnormalities. Someone who, for some reason, is at increased risk, goes to a specialist who has a very good ultrasound machine and thoroughly examines the fetus. exam is required during pregnancy), I have to say "wipe your eyes". Unfortunately, there are few women who are good at recognizing developmental abnormalities. Let's not mourn the idea of ​​referring a doctor to a specialist; ultrasound requires special expertise.When I was pregnant, we were lucky. I also did ultrasound, so I knew the possibilities. I went to the place I thought was best. They didn't find any problems, and they didn't. Please ask your prospective mom: don't ask me about questions 18-20. week after the ultrasound doctor whether a baby or a baby is baby, not only that he is healthy, but that could see everythingwhat you can do at this time and whether it's okay. Whoever wants to know the gender of the child, usually 20-24. between weeks (there are those who show themselves around week 16). If I remember correctly, our little kid at week 22 would surely have thought it was unnecessary to give birth to Desjek because he was a baby. Everyone is crazy about it, but I was frightened to find out because I always thought I wanted a boy (at first). It was time for me to get ready for birth, to pick a name. Now, I think it's a good thing, baby. Of course, many people can argue with me because there are still many places in the old world that only the son is "the child". But I love my baby, and I'm happy to have babies, get dressed, and be ahead of time to give birth to my grandson.
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