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What is the life of a mother-in-law, a mother-in-law? What are the troubles and who are the ones who can help? Read Erika's story.

Just one note

"I got the job," he said to the phone, but his voice didn't look happy. I didn't write it. Most recently, he explained that all his problems would be resolved once the business starts, that is, a paying customer will end. If you're not just friends and practitioners, but you're serious about the item, and you're getting your money done. They've got it ready to go. For the most part, it was only at the level of plans, dreams, and when the child was one, he took a big breath and enrolled in balance (as we used to call it). Vйgigcsinбlta. However, by the time she got pregnant again, she had problems with drowsiness, sleeplessness and breastfeeding. The children didn't care for a moment that their mother was just about to take the exam, so after a full day of talking, playing, and baby program, she stayed up for the night. And as usual, before the exam day, they had a diarrhea virus in their farm.
We celebrated the beginning of a new life by clinking. And we drank in advance for bear skins, many orders, her own timeline, the success of the beloved mother. Of course he knew it was too long, but at least he was over the first obstacle. Then he reached the second, third place. Having practiced freelance work (of course, after play and kid programs, new season), he started promoting himself in the circle of friends, while his first order came to an end.
We are here now and the lethargy is complete. Only one comment can be made. The chick's amazed at the fact that she's really good now you would have a decent amount of money for your job.
I listened to it scorched. That they really didn't pay anything, it was worth putting so much energy into the whole thing. He'll succeed. My Interview - "But I've Succeeded!" - he didn't even hear it. You were the epitome of self-confidence.
Familiar situation. I felt the same way during the heavenly months. That I will never restrain myself, I will never have a career, my exciting tasks, normal payment. I won't even pay. In my better days, I was at least motherly indulged in myself, even at times. And at that time, there was a negative phrase to end the night.
I also remember how my little kid acquaintances helped me. The moms I met at the playground were quizzed on the net. They almost gave me a chuckle after my first interview, which I did after the baby was born. But we also celebrated Kati, who developed the website, Anita, because she took a flowering course. We've been pumping incredible energies into each other. I felt the time had come to give me something back from what I had received.
The formula is relatively simple. Praise and encouragement. "Believe in yourself!", "Will succeed!" And the endless repetition of the sentences beginning with "Men Can't Fathom ..."
The next day he called me, he was already more optimistic. Worked all night. Her husband glanced at his papers and a small acknowledgment came. (Probably he also felt the weight of the note at the time.) But the jewels were finally returned by a familiar mother who didn't want to believe that she was thinking about work for the kids. And also cook? Do you go to gym sometimes? It's physical inability…
Erika Vбlyi-Nagy
Blossom, mother of Esther and Bdbm
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