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Operation Emma

Operation Emma

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How can I be tricked if a father is to be persuaded of a certain name? It's worthwhile to include the entire department in the action!

My name was a divine inspiration for Emma's name. But my brother also had to bully him. I knew if I just told me what I wanted, I would say no, so I had to be patient. We have agreed to use an internet list as a basis for naming. There were several hundred names, including Huberta and Candida.
The agreement was to indicate a maximum of 30 names, which may be possible. Х read the names, and any one of us liked even a little, and marked it. Of course, Emma got into that circle. This time I had to be very thankful, because every week one name was removed from the list. I was worried that Dad would want to challenge my little Emmab. The weeks went by and Emma got into the last six.


All the while, not only were we tickled, loved, but also in the school where I was teaching, the kids who treated their little brother in the tummy. Every day we were asked if he had eaten and peeing. Names were also a daily topic. Of course, the girls wanted to give their name to the little one. I told them that this was going to be a decision between Uncle Andrb and me, but I like Emma the most. I was a pregnant mother of five months when I gave the class to the newly taught women after graduation. My son helped me with the packing and home delivery. When he entered the room, the children asked me two questions: Who are you? Specifically, he introduced himself when the following question came: How are you going to call your babies? Of course, he said he didn't know, we hadn't decided yet. That's where my smart "kids" started to suggest him to Emma.
I asked and looked at me, and I put big round eyes on him, and did as if he didn't know what you were up to. A couple of days later, my school cheer was shorter, when parents were betting on the lovely name we chose. Finally, the remaining six names have passed to the refrigerator. We were breathing, we were checking them out. Then one night Dad looked at me and said, "I know you want Emma ... maybe one of his names." From the beginning, I knew you wanted this, I just smiled, I used to. I love it now. I didn't say anything, I just caught it, choked it.
The second name should have been chosen from the remainder, which was not even on the day of birth. When I was asked in the nursery what his little name would be, I just said, Emma, ​​what would it be.
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