Here are 8 tips to get your child into tidying up

Here are 8 tips to get your child into tidying up

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How do you get your child to pack their belongings and keep their room tidy? What do you think cleaning is a natural task for you? Our tips can help.

Here are 8 tips to get your child into tidying up

The little ones love to follow, follow what they see from you. They want to help with cooking, cleaning, and are very proud of their performance. However, if you do not allow it to help because you are slow and slow in completing tasks, you may find that you do not need help. If you pack up your games, keep your room tidy, you won't know why you should do it because you haven't asked him before. With our tips you can easily get used to tidying up, always praise your work.

It's okay if it's not perfect

For the little ones, seemingly simple tasks like rooting are hard work. So patient, it's okay to just put the bedding on the bed or put it in the bedding, essentially, you've done the job. It helped you, which you are very proud of. Praise you for being so enthusiastic that you will be doing the job the next morning with even greater enthusiasm.

Do not pack ъjra again

It may be natural for your child to perform their tasks at first in a big way. If you have done it, praise it, however much it deviates from the work you expect. Don't tidy up instead And don't fix them, but you can ask them to do your job more thoroughly next time. If you fail to do the packing several times, help him or her show them how to get the order right.

That's right

You don't have to tell your preschooler to tidy up or clean up your room. As a general rule of thumb, you may be wasting a lot of time and energy and may not understand the task or be frightened of how much you have to do. First you aim for the exact words, that is to say, put the car, the dolls or the most on the shelf, in the storage boxes. He'll be happy to show you the result once you've done it.

Useful help in the box

You can make packing and storage easier by buying boxes and bins that you just need to stock up on. For the little ones, it can be a difficult task to place the toys just beside each other on the shelf or to place them on one another. If you can put it in the box, you will finish first, your chances of success will be higher, and your room will be tidy.

Choose together

When too many games are collapsed or the excess is no longer being used by the child, sit down and together you sign out your unnecessary belongings. Don't be surprised, the little one has a hard time getting rid of his toys. Tell him if you want new ones, they need to be in place, and once the boxes, bins, cabinets are full, they won't go out. You see, almost immediately there are things that you would love to do for other kids.

Cleaning can also be a play

The smallest ones are happy to help, this is not always the case with ovis. Pack it for playand see how much fun you inflict on your child, much more like helping or putting things on the loose, and cleaning won't be a tedious job any more. The small fly can land in the box, plush animals rest on shelves or in the bed. You can also have fun playing music, dancing and singing lightly with your homework.

The Takartis list

Your little school kid clean up the list kйszнthetsz. The task line should not be too long, as it will discourage you from tidying up. Give him all three tasks that you can complete yourself if you do. He is happy to show the paper and his room after completing the listed tasks.


Schoolchildren understand the concept of time, so your child can determine how much time it takes to tidy up their room. You can be rewarded for completing tasks within the time frame. You don't have to decide in minutes, it is also great if your goal is to tidy up your room so far, or until your friends arrive. With this method, the child can easily learn how to make the most of time. So be consistent with it, if you notice that you are on time, you should be ready for the task.
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