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The Fridge: Why Don't Your Baby Call?

The Fridge: Why Don't Your Baby Call?

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What's the matter? How many cents? Egyhetesen? And a month later? And how much did he eat? How much did you bring today? Watch out, this is an addictive one! It's really hard to click.


It was first revealed in the Neapolitan collections of the last century how much the peasant women who worked in the "good peasant autumn" were disturbed by the need to measure the child. According to art cartoons, the babies fought serious fights with impotent rural mothers. One of the women also remembered how she protested, "Why do you mind? It's not a goose!" Goose, not goose, you have to kill, dot. Because of the demon that science represented on their mothers, they did not dare to dream.

Symptoms of withdrawal

"Zoo's baby got a breastfeeding supplement right now in the hospital because he couldn't measure what he ate in the first few days. It was interesting that he sipped well and ate zero grams," he says. Niki. "When we got home, we were expecting the balance, and we tried all the breastfeeding, as the doctor said, that the daily dose would come out to 150 grams per kilogram of body weight. And if the result was worse than the best so far, then I was told that my milk would go away. I couldn't believe my baby, even though he had doubled his birth weight by three months. I knew there was no need in fact, his behavior referred to this, because after breastfeeding, it was never required, just to reassure myself I gave her a blow job. Meanwhile, we were living in complete closure. We couldn't leave home for a long time because of the balance. Because we can't carry the balance everywhere. The Jedi did not see their first Judo for many weeks because of this. That's how I started to run. My boyfriend was on his heels, and he said, he was now responsible for not starving the child. No more balance. Suckling, if your baby sticks to that 10-20 milliliter formula, get it, but if you're not interested, leave it beige. And we believe him. It was very difficult. Our baby was almost like a day old when I first went with him to a place where he wasn't in the balance. But I was over, and that was my strength. Today, Zhufi wants to suckle, not weigh on a baby. Of course, I wouldn't say I'm always calm when he says a little that he hasn't eaten enough. Then I put it on my chest again and mostly relax. The little sister will not be considered. "

Then how do I know?

How do I know you have eaten enough? This request is made every day in the kennels. There really is no perfect answer. The solution is trust. Make sure your baby swallows breast milk and does not breathe so that when he or she is breastfeeding intensively, he or she lives well. If you have five to six piss peluses a day, then you have obviously sucked a lot because it has become so much piss.You don't have to have a good breastfeeding baby mйregetni. If you keep it close to your body and you can "breastfeed" at any time, you can't do much trouble. You and the baby. Listen to each other and trust. if your baby is low weight, premature, sick, yellowing, or otherwise ok. In these cases, you may initially need a balance sheet because we cannot rely on baby signs. In this case, the baby's doctor should discuss the baby's diet. It also helps a lot if you involve a breastfeeding counselor in the process. Also worth reading:
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