Today is World Children's Day!

Today is World Children's Day!

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Two Hungarian children do not know what their rights are.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted 23 years ago UN. It is also acknowledged and important that today it is an international document signed by most of the world's United in the United States йs Szomбliбn regardless of the country). In Hungary, it was published in 1991, so for more than 20 years this document should basically determine the situation of children.
21 years have passed, and it is Eurobarometer According to his survey, two out of three Hungarian children do not know what their rights are. 80% of children do not ask anyone for help because their rights have been violated - not because they do not violations of children's rights, but because we don't know who to turn to, how to get support.
Children's rights are not abstract rules and rules. We can perfectly gather the provisions of the CRC by sitting at the table with a piece of paper and thinking about what a child needs why have you a baby And what a child is after all must be protected. The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the collection of the needs of children: children have the right to life, to dignity, to bring up family life, to protect, to protect, to enjoy. Children need (and therefore have the right) to education, leisure, play and sports, and to develop their talents. If your parents are divorced, you can keep in touch with your parents, or the state can take care of it, and protect it if your parents are not capable of it. The Convention on the Rights of the Child is a collection of these rights!
The UNICEF Kid, but rightly so! and your campaign aims to get more children and adults to know these rights, because only a child who knows his or her rights can respect those rights.
For more information on children's rights, click!


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