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Isn't your child extra so good?

Isn't your child extra so good?

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Three years ago, the new system was introduced, which at first appears to be flexible, but little moms work in black instead of baby extra.

Isn't your child extra so good?

As of January 1, 2016, a child will be eligible for one of the Elements of the Kid's Extra Action Package, if you go back to work, you will receive your child next to your workplace. At first glance, this seems simple: any parent can take your child's extras and there is no time limit on work. It is also not obligatory for the mother or father to return to their previous job, because the benefit is in the case of a new job. tells you that there is still a problem when you get to work: the woman with the small child loses the protection of termination.

What's Your Extra Extra?

This is called a maternity extra when a mother or father goes back to work before their child reaches the age of two - and then gets paid along with his or her salary. This is just one element of the package. Your sibling is an extravaganza for your sibling: it is for families where a new baby arrives before your baby is down - so they may be eligible for a double baby for a while. The maternity extras also include the graduate maternity gates - this is for the pregnant mother who has at least two years of active higher education. From January, the maximum amount of your child is HUF 178,500, while those who qualify for a diploma are entitled to HUF 89,250 in basic education, and HUF 112,700 in master's or undivided education. you get a social and vocational contribution discount for up to three years.Your child extra measures package introduced in 2014 first did not bring over: At the end of the year, Piroska Szalai, the ministerial commissioner responsible for improving the labor market for women at the time, reported a slight increase in the employment rate of mothers of children under the age of three: from 11.8 to 13.9

At home in black

Your child is an extra important and welcoming measure and responds to your need for money Fly Dour trainer, solution-centered coach for However, in her opinion, whether or not she enjoys it depends on how open her work is to flexible and part-time employment and to her home office. The experience of Dura Paiz, who writes for the Nuts blog, is that many women work in 6-8 hours a week and then gradually increase the amount of time spent at work. It seems always clear that the mother (and only х) will stay at home with the child, as Durra Paizs told in part, the father takes the child's extraction and continues to work on the main breadwinner while the mother remains at home. There are indeed financial reasons for this: the maximum amount of child pay is high, which the father has in many families. And, of course, they always look strange to a parent who stays home with their child. An article from points out that since 2014, the number of fathers in need of childhood has been steadily rising: 2,288 in 2014 and 2,833 in the next year. And by December 2016, 4,336 were seeking support.Emmi told the inquiry on that your child had an extra introduction each year, in 2014 about 47,000, in 2015 59,000, and last year he had a total of 65,000. support. Of the 65,000 users, approximately 58% lived on work-related childbirth, 41% on sibling childbirth, and just over 1% spent on listening to childbirth.
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