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Esther's Diary - Week 12Water Chooser

Esther's Diary - Week 12Water Chooser

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Esther's Diary - Week 12Water Chooser

The day of the ultrasound came, too. I hardly sleep at all, just be all right. Facing the big screen with the little Alien in my stomach ... I knew it would be a shocking experience.

I think, and so do we, belong to the Maglуdi ъti Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Kurzhaz, which is a circa forty minutes by car, but let's not say, the first child does not slip out. Alien in all of this places, I was not here enough to get used to being guided to the third floor, a couple of big-hearted women sitting on the chairs are so nice. To our pleasant surprise we are barely a couple, after ten minutes of waiting we can go for ultrasound. I lie on my back, my feet up, my pants down, the jelly coming, the cinema coming! The doctor is very kind, always smiling, and says he loves what he does because he does one of the most beautiful jobs in the world. And how true it is, I know for a moment, we can't give birth to profanity, we forget to ask everything we've talked about down the hallway. I have a kid in my stomach. Do you believe this, Geez? Now, sure! The baby sometimes moves, but still sleeps more. This is the first genetic US to see developmental abnormalities. In particular, the doctor monitors the signs of Down and open spine, and measures the baby's abdominal cavity, thighs, and height. It measures how many millimeters of the femur has developed in the nasal bone. These latter values ​​are important for Down syndrome. All this was known to me afterwards, because we were always trying to understand that I had a child, and the doctor weighed everything down and dictated to his assistant. Fortunately, values ​​are the best, Master Pangloss's optimistic philosophy taught to Candide echoes in my mind: "Everything is best in this very best world" - we now agree. We walk over the ground with meters, I think the car started on its own. The image we received from the baby is still nudging, with a week and a side lying to us, just like I used to look like recently, his face is probably pretty, but it's really cute too! Then, in the car, the purple mist began to slowly release, the first gimmicky "broach" sounding geisha pavlovi reflexively, instantly at the quay, and letting go of the usual. After I found out that I was very hungry, we urgently needed to eat something, and it occurred to me that the hell I was not asked if the doctor could see the baby's sex. But we would have been curious to do that. Who's puni or puni? Now that we can tell everyone, I have, I have, I have something, the next big question will be: is she a boy or a girl?
In the evening, we are officially celebrating a birthday party, where instead of saying goodbye to everyone, you just smile and wait for the baby !!! The reactions are funny and cute: there is someone who steals, some who doesn't believe a third time, some who squeal, some who pick up, some who smell of beer, some who are strange that I am not a stone, and some who for now. But I think everyone is honest. You have to tell at least fifty people at once!
Going back to the thyroid thing, many of you wondered how I was. Thank you, well, taking 50 micrograms of Letrox daily has just resulted in EXCELLENT values. I asked several doctors and agreed with them because it was not pregnant, since I was blinded two times and really adjusted the TSH to the appropriate interval. The triumphs of life. I don't feel any side effects to God, my first trimester, my thirst, my sickness, my energy and talking more and more. I continue to take folic acid and fetal vitamin A (LadeeVit) every day, my body is getting stronger, and I am eating well and well (although I still don't want anything that is too strange), but I feel it.


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