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And what about sex?

And what about sex?

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"Sorry ... nothing special" - you might answer in a nutshell, as if someone dared to make you this provocative request during baby-breastfeeding and breastfeeding. Even though it was sex, there is, and most of it WILL be!

Primarily the the ends are born in our heads, but of course hormones do their part. When you have someone else's baby, sex is not the most important thing in life, to be fully understood. You don't always have to be sexy. In postpartum sex, the good thing about it is that it's just like when you met. You can start a connection again almost virtually. Everything changes, and it gets overwhelmed. a lot of you are dealing with an unknown thing. You have to overcome a lot of difficulties even when you are having a baby: for example, lunatics, fatigue, fears. A very complex situation develops.

Restart after a pause

Many people would think they were going to release that couple of months and then sex can come after childbirthbut it doesn't work! First parents are generally unaware that the parent is not completing this changed status. Our bodies need to be reminded of sex, even if we don't really want it that much. An ill-conceived role that we want to fulfill hundreds of times can quickly lead to coldness. We want to be a mother, this is not a question. But this is only possible if good women stay with our couple. And this is independent of bats!

A common problem is that in the first few months, even in the case of sexual excitement, the vagina does not get wet to the point where it is necessary for pleasant sex

A baby for six weeks - or six months?

After birth, we tend to think that we are we'll never be that sexythan before birth. However, the exact opposite is true. After their birth, the majority of women report that their sex life has become much better. Indeed, women's self-confidence, strength and bodily consciousness are awakened by good parenting. Anyone born with cesarean section should not be disappointed either. Many people claim that motherhood has brought about their fullness in women, and even their good birth status has made a positive difference in their sexual lives the first six weeks is the time of novelty, of accretion. This is when we cuddle each other: what is the baby who has become, what have we become? Whether there is or will be sex is not a key-quest for the time being. You should not push for anything. If couples know what they can count on, they will have no unrealistic expectations. These days and weeks may give you a greater role than ever before with weakness, intense nocturnal day and day, cramping, nudity, and thirsty or more child-like intolerance. the baby focuses hundreds of times. The high levels of prolactin hormone responsible for milk production suppress the urge, but its levels gradually decrease during the post-natal week after birth, and only during breastfeeding. That is to say, almost all the conditions for a baby's start have been restarted.

Get out of the wheel!

It is a common problem that he is still in the first few months even in the case of sexual excitement, the vagina does not get wet as much as you need for pleasant sex. This is partly due to the estrogen deficiency characteristic of this period, but also to the lack of fatigue and attention. Can you let go? Are you completely surrendering to sex or thinking, when your baby wakes up, is the milk dripping from your breast, what will your baby be giving to the belly, which may be a little bit rounder, or you may be afraid of letting go ? Maybe you are simply tired of touch, and want to stay alone and sleep for a while? Yes, all these concerns and excuses are lifelike; sleeve with natural wetting cloth. With the return of the menstrual cycle, this problem is usually resolved.Szakйrtхnk Master Duru a sex education teacher from the great San Francisco Sex Information NGO. He currently lives, teaches and works in Budapest to organize a series of discussions, think tanks and practice groups to help develop a free, impartial, sex-positive outlook.You can keep track of your work.
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