Here's the Children's Island Anthem!

Here's the Children's Island Anthem!

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This time for the 15th time, you are waiting for the little ones and the big ones in Hungary's biggest free family event, the Generali Children's Island. The New Year's Eve featured the anthem of the Children's Island, recorded by Szalyki Бgi and Peter Szibmi Müller.

The Children's Island is coming soon! (photo: Sziget Sajtу)

THE June weekends, every Saturday and Sunday 100 different programs will entertain visitors on the island of Hajj.concerts, szнnhбz, adventure Park, bohуcok, bбbelхadбsok, manual occupations, Sports Programs - and many other exciting programs this summer, the Generali Children's Island on the June weekend will be small and bigger. . You will be surprised at the Sports Site, but children can also create in the Palace of Magic or experiment in the Miracle Palace. On the occasion of the 1956 Memorial, at one of the venues we will get to know the atmosphere of the '50s, the presentation of contemporary vehicles, objects, and family fun kцrnyezetvйdelem, health, and good nutrition. There's a kid on the Island of Kid where you can have a great night out free the children's festival in hungary will be celebrated on the 18th of June. your program can be found here.