"We were locked in a dark room for another day"

"We were locked in a dark room for another day"

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This year, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which has been ratified by Hungary, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, the SOS Children's Villages Social Campaign will show you where there are cracks in your state's welfare system.

"We were locked in a dark room for another day" (photo: iStock)In Hungary every year, 8-10 thousand children are lifted out of their families. Mostly neglected, there are consequences related to poverty and housing problems, physical violence and sexual abuse in the background. Where are the children going? How Much Money Does a National Caregiver Get? What happens when the police knock on the door of the family in the evening? Outrageous images and stories in the first installment of the SOS Children's Villages series. "My parents went away and locked us in a dark room for the next day. We yelled, yelled, and was the neighbor who reported the parents and gave birth to the baby," says VI, who is looking after a child. For most children, the last move is not the highlight of the family: institutions, educators follow one another. "If you snore or sniff, I lost your life," we told Flurra, 8, the first day at the institution. How do children fit into an alien system? Norbi lived in an effective room in the institution, no one told him what the rules were, what would happen to him. Born three different educators, he thought he was doing something wrong to keep me going. That's how three young people have gone through state care.
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