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Baby at the cinema?

Baby at the cinema?

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Yes! This special program is also available in Hungary!

When the lame bad weather comes in, the baby is often trapped between the walls. Sometimes it would be a bit of a break, something completely different than the weekdays. And, of course, it is not uncommon for them to have access to a program. Included in this space are good sensors, the Cinema New Initiative, the baby screenings. The point is that every Thursday, with a baby under the age of one year, you can visit the screenings, the volume of the movies will be moderated, there will be a stroller, a diaper, baby warm-up, and a bed.
When selecting movies, keep in mind the needs of the babies, the projections are made with a reduced volume level, and only feature works that have no loud sound effects or scare.
Abortions can only be attended by children under one year of age and up to two adults per child. The baby show begins every Thursday at 11 o'clock. Only adults need to buy a ticket that costs 800 HUF. Specific films can be captured in the current movie screen. For the first time, on September 20, the cast, cut, and remake of Audrey Tautou starred in the cast.