Sex with tummy? Free!

Sex with tummy? Free!

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Yes, sexually abused sex is not a risk during a healthy pregnancy. If the doctor forbids the couple from sex just for the sake of being pregnant, it's time to look for another baby!

Sexually Abused Sex During Pregnancy Does Not Take Risks

Even in case of an endangered pregnancy, it is worthwhile to ask for details from time to time. How long is valid a sex ban? You may have been advised by your doctor to be sexually alert, but a few weeks later you will see a green mark. One more important question: does "no sex" refer only to communication, or does it cover all sexual activities? Or is orgasm only forbidden? It is almost certainly not necessary to spend nine nights overnight, even in the case of a pregnancy. You need touch, and perhaps more than ever! Of course, for this, you need to be frank, light-hearted in your attitude towards the subject.When are Laws Right?
- in the case of a series of premature pregnancies prior to the current pregnancy or
- in the case of bleeding, fluid, stomach cramps
- if the amniotic fluid is leaking
- if the cavity is open
- if the placenta adheres to or near the ovary

I'm not in the mood!

Some people lose interest in sexuality for the duration of their pregnancy. Bad feeling, fatigue, or maybe memory of previous miscarriages or other spiritual burdens can manifest in this. Neither simple rejection nor "let's get it out there" quick threads will promote your relationship. If this hasn't happened before, now is the time to talk about sex, say!

Nonstop ends

Let's face it, one spherical baby it comes to our minds almost virulent restraint than rampant finesse. That's what hormones really do! In fact, many people are the most liberated. Just no word, please pardon Dad! It is not uncommon for a mother to have sexuality in her lips - even though this has never happened before and even after childbirth. Don't be scared of it, you should pay more. Your couple will certainly not be angry if you report them at dawn, of course, only in "salon-like" form - as your relationship allows.

The forty first date

From conception, you can count on that your sex life will be incredibly diverse - not always in good sense. The majority of people report a fluctuating sexual transition. In the first trimester, the life of a pregnant mother is complicated by fatigue, full breasts, frequent urination and nausea. In this state, you'd rather cuddle with your cousin. In the second trimester, sexual desire increases, mood improves, and more the body does not get heavy. As the pregnancy progresses, inconveniences are added, growing tummies are over, thoughts are circulating around childbirth. What was horribly sexy yesterday could be painful today. With this in mind, it is not hot if the father treats each other as he does. tactile lover for the first date, since every time she holds an "unknown" woman in her arms.

When daddy wings

Some are still there it seems more desirable from inner sin, radiant happy baby. Her glamorous eyes, shiny, fortified hair, and smooth face all add to her father's love and desire. Many people are more attentive, caring, and feel closer to their couple's spiritual ties. Growing bosom is an attraction to their eyes, which further enhances their passion and attachment. It is a great relief that, free from the idea of ​​conception, acquisition is the only goal.

When Dad is worried

Above all, he conveys contrary feelings. Growth Consciousness, Existential Questions, Prior Tasks Aggressive father has less trouble with sex. Some people are afraid of the baby and the couple, otherwise, the growing tummy and breast disturb the man, he does not feel that he has the appearance of a changed exterior. Whatever the reason, expectant mother to be rejected. Sincere conversations, maybe psychologists, doctor's advice can help, and sex will bring a pleasant, enjoyable partnership to the couple's life. Do not give up!!!

The baby and his brainworm

It is not uncommon for a man to fear that a causes pain to the fetus, or maybe the little one gets brainwashed by intense love. It's a nice idea to give this pen a lot of strength, but if you look at your baby's situation, you can see that it is almost impossible to do normal sex for the baby. The remainder is protected by amniotic fluid, a strong muscular sheath on the vagina and a cork stopper. At the same time, any coarse matter that causes pain, possibly leading to the sheathing of the vagina or moth, should be avoided.

Mom and dad have sex

It is one of the most common myths that a the fetus is aware of, and even senses, what's going on outside ... The baby has no idea at all. Just don't you think something like "Mom and Dad are having sex, aren't you disgusted?" Or better, "Mom and Dad are having sex, aren't they wonderful?" Naturally, the biochemical changes in the mother's body affect the fetus during sex, it feels like orgasm is triggered izomцsszehъzуdбsokat, but does not draw implicit conclusions from all of them.

So the best!

Postures that have worked so far will not necessarily be among your favorites. Give it a try, let's give you some idea! By the fourth month, can be unpleasant lying down. Due to the weight of the growing womb, it is advisable at this time to choose a posture in which the penetration depth and rhythm can be controlled by the expectant mother. This is best done when the woman is over. There is no pressure on the abdomen at the lateral position, when the woman is lying sideways on the back, lying down. Opportunities are endless, experimenting couples may find situations that will be among their favorites later on.

Pleasant birthing

Until the cervix is ​​matured - that is, until the time of birth - the mother's body does not respond to the "birth syndrome" of sexual intercourse. But when the time comes, a little love can help. The sperm can be found in the prostaglandin is a substance that is also used for artificial birth control. The act of making love and of the weasel comes with the release of oxytocin. Much better detection than getting an infusion. It is not uncommon for the mother to have a great desire for sex in the days immediately before birth. Nature thinks of everything.Also read these:
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