They have imported malignant cells illegally into Hungary

They have imported malignant cells illegally into Hungary

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Illegally imported germ cells from Hungary from a Danish cell bank have been prosecuted and prosecuted by a company since 2013, the National Naples and the Medical Service (BNTSZ).

In Hungary, it is forbidden to import male germ cells from abroad

In an announcement to the MTI, the medical officer said in March that the BNTSZ had been notified through the European Alert System that genetically defective sperm had been shipped to Hungary. It has come to light that Krio Institute Cellular Bank Ltd. has since 2013 been importing hormone cells from a Danish cell bank - read in the bulletin.
The BNTSZ has initiated proceedings and prohibited illegal practices. According to the criminal record, anyone who obtains, markets, or trades a human gametes cell commits an offense.
Human tissues and cells have unique guidelines for donating, collecting, examining, processing, distributing. However, Member States may, in accordance with this, establish stricter specific rules.
The current Hungarian legal regulations do not allow the introduction of foreign cells into the country. In addition, a gamete donor may have a maximum of four pathways according to Hungarian regulation, but according to the Danish rule, for the most sought medical examinations.
Personal appearance is also important for the donor to be properly informed about the purpose and conditions of the donation. All of this cannot happen if the donor is donating to a foreign cell bank. According to the tбjйkoztatбs БNTSZ has vizsgбlata sorбn with Cryo-ьgyben kiderьlt the fact that the intйzet цnhatalmъlag mуdosнtotta regular adatszolgбltatбs tartalmбt, нgy prуbбlta kijбtszani to the Krio hatуsбgot.A Intйzet for posts by these people illegally imported gametes tovбbbadta mestersйges megtermйkenyнtйst vйgzх egйszsйgьgyi szolgбltatуknak, which did not meet the legal requirements.
Following a change in legislation, the BNTSZ has launched an audit during this period, which examines health services for human reproduction. Services, which knowingly procured germ cells of foreign origin - illegally - from abroad, have been launched by the BNTSZ.


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