We are renewed from the new JOHNSON'S ® kvi (X)

We are renewed from the new JOHNSON'S ® kvi (X)

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Immron's 125 Years is a mission of JOHNSON'S® to create the world's weakest baby care products. Products that are so cool that they are ideal for all ages and ages.

We are committed to baby booths. Our researchers are constantly studying baby skin care needs. We have combined our latest clinical research with our love for babies, and have updated our products to meet the highest standards in the world or beyond. NEW JOHNSON'S® Baby Productsfrom all angles,50% * less of the ingredients andthey do not contain parabens, sulphates and phthalates. JOHNSON'S® listened to the parents he has provided the formulas for the world's most diverse landscapes and everything. Exceptionally high quality, we use weak ingredients for babies, so we have over 400 used ingredients that do not meet the Best for Baby ™ company standard, and used less than before. Our products have become much simpler, weaker due to the new formulas. In addition, we've designed the new packaging to make it even more comfortable to use, as we've created finer, easier-to-handle bottles with a one-handed pump that will help your baby feel confident in baby care.

The New Generation of Weakness

Our products did not contain parabens and phthalates before. But among the ingredients we have now extracted the sulphates and the colorants **. In addition, we use more natural oils such as couscous oil and cottonseed oil in hair conditioners and baby poles.JOHNSON'S® products are fragrant - the scent can stimulate the baby's senses, reduce the level of newborn stress, diminish drought, help sleep, and also strengthen the mother and baby. JOHNSON'S® fragrances are rigorously tested and safe, free from currently known allergies ***, follow the strict requirements of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), so parents can trust the meaning of the word. during the care of your child. We, parents, agree with us, but not all ingredients of natural origin are safe for the baby. Naturally, we attach greater importance to safety. Kцrьltekintхen vбlasztjuk the цsszetevхket to biztosнtsuk that termйkeink gyengйdek, biztonsбgosak йs kнmйletesek be the baby fejlхdйsben present йs lйvх bхrйhez szemeihez.Az JOHNSON'S® New Account termйkekkel a korosztбlyi ajбnlбst that the segнti szьlхket to navigate the kцnnyedйn nйgy kцzцtt age group. All of our new products have been developed to fit an age range, be it the first day of life, the active baby at 6 months, or the toddler over 18 months, and of course, don't forget the cool icon. What do we know about number one? we love our product very much, we have worked tirelessly with knowledge, skin care, pediatricians and thousands of mothers to ensure that our new products will finally meet the wishes and needs of parents. In re-formulating these classic products, we have been mindful of eliminating all unwanted ingredients, but the product has the same effectiveness and retains the but we realize that they are not necessary for baby skin care. We did not extract the colors from our products because they were unsafe, but because every ingredient used to support our products now has to have some clear benefit to the baby. Instead of coloring the products, they are marked with color coding at the time of purchase for easier identification.Because it all starts with weakness * based on global product portfolio reformulations ** except honey soap *** European Commission Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (FBTB Limits)


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