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New to Lego - The puzzle will be easier

New to Lego - The puzzle will be easier

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Here's the New Enhancement: Kids With Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Now.

Matthew Shifrin's birth was blind. He had loved the law from a very young age, but he always had to ask for help because he couldn't read the Lego Guide.New to Lego - The puzzle will be easier "My friend, Lilya, wrote down to me the texting notes that I then uploaded to a system that helped me read them with braille, and I could read them with my fingers. Turn it to me for Braille? - quotes Shifrin, a gambling bulletin who made models like the Tower Bridge in London - with 850 pages. Matthew Thifrin the blind kйszнtett йs gyengйnlбtуk szбmбra Lego йpнtйsi ъtmutatуkrуl szуlу цtletйt, thereby honoring barбtja emlйkйnek. Lego and liked the цtlet.A Lego osztrбk lab has developed a New Account, alapulу mestersйges intelligenciбra software that segнtsйgйvel Braille leнrбsok and loud ъtmutatуk segнtsйg the December During the trial period of up to 3 months, this set is available on this website - English - Guides. - see Based on customer feedback, further audio and Braille guides are being released. The long-term plan is to be available in multiple languages ​​and to have such a guide for every Lego set.
  • Language development is also supported by the building blocks
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