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Municipal Government of St. Imre Kourrbaz

Municipal Government of St. Imre Kourrbaz

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Our series, launched in January, has helped you choose a birth. We have now come to one of the most popular departments in the country: we admire the openness of those who work there. (Let's look at February 2009 status.)

"There is still one color missing from the palette: outpatient, maternity, home, baby-free dolls ... If you need it, talk about how to get ahead!" I found these sentences on the homepage of St. Imre Kourrbaz's birth. There is a lot to be said about the views of the institution's management and staff. Against this background, I was surprised by the words and details of Professor István Rбkuczi, Head of Department.

dr. Rбkуczi Istvn
Photo: Melylov

- We have twenty percent of the cuttings, which is low compared to twenty-eight in the country. It is very rare to have a barrier section, even in first-born women. Technically, we are ready for any intervention, but this is the approach we are taking, and we are giving it to the parents at birth.

- How could we find the opposite opposite just a few kilometers from here at another birth?

- We are following evidence-based medicine. It is a fact of the art that barrier sections often cost more than they use. Must check back. We are the proud proud of a dude who can protect the dam. We doctors are learning a lot about puppies.
In addition to the mother, there can be up to two deliveries, depending on the beginning of the trouble. If you are not occupied, you can choose the alternative room or the traditional living room. It is free to eat, drink, walk, sit in the bath when it is cool, come out when it is cool, give birth in water. The mother's choice of maternity posture. The baby can stay with the mother after childbirth, breastfeeding immediately.

The alternative living room is cozy and comfortable.
This is where Melinda was born in the morning. Mom here, little Korné
waiting for the baby class to be mutual
get a room. Melinda asked her to be like that
Photo: Melylov

In the case of a cesarean section, the father cannot enter the surgery, but he immediately receives the baby, who can hug and warm him. Just as baby and mom go to baby boots, they can be around the clock. Visitors are not allowed to enter the nursery to avoid disturbing the other mothers who are encouraged to breastfeed on demand, so there is no "breastfeeding time" for the baby. to everyone, ”says Professor Rбkуczi. - The first part of the first half of 2009 is for me to strengthen breastfeeding support, improve breastfeeding, and improve breastfeeding if possible.
The classroom is very busy. Only by releasing the little family early will we be able to release the bed so quickly. Even after birth, you can go with a little urine if your home doctor confirms that you will welcome the newborn. Most days after childbirth, most of them go home - including the lieutenants - but this is not mandatory. It all depends on the needs and preparation of the family and the environment.Facts, figures
  • The annual number of births is 3279.
  • Number of beds 37.
  • With one single, traditional living room and an alternate living room waiting for the family, the recording is in multi-starry.
  • 20 out of 100 births are finished with a cup.
  • The children's unit has one, two and three rooms with their own bathroom.
  • The single room rate is 700 Ft / day.
  • There is the possibility of day-to-day epidural anesthesia.
  • In particular, they provide many years of birth preparation.