Summer inflammation is common but can be prevented

Summer inflammation is common but can be prevented

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The summer rains are better, which means beaching, bathing. However, immersion can cause unpleasant symptoms and severe pain, and the climate or the draft does not have a good effect on our eyes. What can cause inflammation in summer and what can we do about it?

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Summer inflammation is common but can be avoidedBacterial and / or fungal hallucinations of the fungus, most often found in swimming pools and natural waters, are the most common folk problems. "- In the course of bathing, the cataract of the ear canal gets infected and is more easily infected, however, due to the non-infective effective chlorine, we are more likely to become ill in swimming pools, beaches than in natural waters. Can cover or cooling cause complaints, cold sores, and help you develop a virus infection, and even more and more air conditioning equipment can play a role in the development of the disease? said dr. Йva Székely, a specialist of the Bula-nasal Center of Health.

These are the most common symptoms

The main symptom of eardrum inflammation is often when the eardrum is pressed or severe pain, reflux, itching when herniated, congestion due to the ingrown ear. In case of cold cataract there is no overflow with catarrhal symptoms the main complaints are overcrowding, severe pain, and click when swallowing.

What Treatment Is Necessary For Inflammation?

  • Usually, local treatment of the dermatitis is done by inserting a drug vapor after cleaning the dermatitis.
  • Following this, the use of an anti-inflammatory steroid drop is recommended for a few days.
  • However, in more severe cases, you may also need to take antibiotics.

This is how we can avoid sickness

In order to avoid the disease, after bathing, weevil the eardrum, because the skin that is soaked is an ideal medium for bacteria. Therefore, do not use fresh water spray. "- Be careful not to take your ears out of the heat, as the eardrum has a whitewash function, and the trained eyelid has a knock - on effect. Avoid the use of high purity boxes, which can cause micro-lesions, thus helping the infection. Do you want to ask the help of a specialist to eliminate the will of a pooled, non-spontaneous floss? the doctor added.Related links: