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Baby psychics - Take the signs

Baby psychics - Take the signs

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Until the late 20th century, we underestimated the abilities of babies living in the womb, and the impact of mothers and smaller environments on fetal development.

From the experience of maternal-fetal relationship analysis (which is a deeply emotional relationship-building method between the mother and her baby), we know today that contact with the baby that another girl who actually accepts her is aware of it.

Birth complications do not go away

This early contact helps to avoid later depressed mood disorders, lack of appreciation, and lack of self-confidence. Early contact and regular contact with the baby results in no birth complications, no premature, tail or stomach open. In a relationship analysis, a baby who develops such a deep and long-lasting relationship, not only with their baby, but also with the baby, is able to close a potentially protruding center of the baby, come to light.

He understands his mother

It is also important that mother and baby are able to tune in to each other without interruption, they understand each other exactly, and the baby is usually a little ahead of their mother. In other words, they care about their mum better than the other way around. Maternity reassurance and internal stability and security are also increased, and the whole family is more harmonious. These babies are good at breastfeeding, sleeping well at night, very communicative during the day, alert, often happy to play with themselves; it is surprisingly good at creating relationships and showing an inner emotional stability that is not typical of baby age.

Individual personality

Every experience so far has confirmed that the baby should be considered a distinct person from the moment of conception, and that the mother's role is to development capacity, and can make the most of it. The basis and motto of the mother-fetal relationship could be: "mental health begins where life itself is: in the womb". Nowadays, the focus on birth is shifting from self to the development of the mother-fetus relationship.

Give yourself

Of course, not every baby is given the opportunity to participate in a mother-fetus relationship analysis. There are many other ways that you can use external experts to help you develop and improve your relationship with your baby. In the next part of this series, we will explain more of these practices, along with the appropriate nervous system context.

Look inside

For the time being, we would like to draw attention to the fact that contact with the baby requires attention from the inside of the baby, requires the body to turn inward, in a relaxed, relaxed state. Unfortunately, the advancement of technical civilization has deprived us of listening and trying to understand the signs coming from our own body. If you want to get in touch with your baby, your baby must first give in to her own body and then contact her own baby. If this is successful, the little contact will automatically be canceled.


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