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Investigate the death of a young child on suspicion of meningitis

Investigate the death of a young child on suspicion of meningitis

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We are investigating the death of a 22-month-old toddler in Borsod-Abaya-Zemplin county for the suspicion of BSE.

Carpenter Бgnes According tбjйkoztatбsa December 23, бn the mentхautуban killed a 22-hуnapos child when Kцrцm kцzsйgbхl kуrhбzba vittйk.A tьnetek alapjбn felmerьlt the jбrvбnyos agyhбrtyagyulladбs gyanъja, ezйrt the case announced in Borsod-Abaъj-Zemplйn County Kуrhбz йs University teacher has Kуrhбz phone nйpegйszsйgьgyi feladatkцrйben eljбrу according Borsod-Abaъj-Zemplйn County Kormбnyhivatalnak.A fхosztбlyvezetх kцzlйse nйpegйszsйgьgyi experts in Miskolc terьletileg illetйkes Jбrбsi Office immediately megkezdtйk the helyszнni jбrvбnyьgyi vizsgбlatot which cйlja the fertхzйs exposed veszйlyйnek, lйvх people felkutatбsa the szьksйges intйzkedйsek megtйtele was in close contact with the child. The law examination found that other patients are not among those affected.The deceased child kцzvetlen kцrnyezetйben йlхknek antibiotics given to tovбbbi megbetegedйsek megelхzйse йrdekйben.A professionals kцzlemйnyйben it нrta: szerocsoportjбnak the exact jбrvбnyos agyhбrtyagyulladбs kуrokozуja (baktйrium meningococcus, Neisseria meningitidis) laboratуriumi vizsgбlattal tцrtйnх igazolбsa flows, caused by spread of meningococcal megbetegedйs cseppfertхzйssel, legtцbbszцr fast lefolyбsъ However, unfortunately, in some cases it causes blood loss leading to death in a couple of hours.Also read these articles in this topic:
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