Baba-mama gymnastics

Baba-mama gymnastics

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In order to maintain your health and well-being, take some time and exercise regularly at home.

You can also do some basic exercises with your baby if you can keep your baby in the head. Start the gym with warm music and warm up. Gradually increase the number of exercises to a pleasant fatigue.

Get on the ground. Prepare one toe with the toe tucked upwards and the other one comfortably on its feet. Plant your baby in front of you. From this situation:

Sit down for a little while and possibly a straight week, swinging toes. After five turns relax, then repeat.

Stand wide open with forward-facing toes. Keep your baby leaning against your breast. Stand upright, insert belly.

Bend the right knee - leaning on the sole base - and raise the small one to the right. Then, bend the center of the left side and raise your child slightly to the left. Repeat rhythmically at least 10x.

Keep your young child in the open in a visible way. Put it in the belly and keep it straight.

Carry out crooked springs with a slight curved edge so that the heel remains on the ground. After 10 springs, climb to the tip of your toe - keep your balance - and then repeat the sprung 10x.

Sit on the ground, plant your baby doll on the field.

Hold on to your back for a little while - preferably a straight week - and stay for 2-3 seconds, then close your chest to the baby. Shoulder your shoulder and back. Continue the exercise at a slow pace of 5x, 10x.

Tйrdelхtбmasz. Your area should be flush with your hips. Hands with inward looking fingers, probably leaning slightly wider. Lay the baby in the back with his hands.

Lower your upper body by tilting your shoulders and moving slowly towards the baby. Keep your head in line with your spine, inserting your belly.

By default, repeat the exercise a few times.
Always smile at the little ones during the exercises! He will also enjoy it.

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Lecturer: Tibor Michael Tauzin


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