How did you get the birth and father's choice of Fudge?

How did you get the birth and father's choice of Fudge?

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The little family is a good working family. They talk to the child in a shared division of labor, hold hands as they begin to explore the world, and get them in their arms when it comes to making a little love. Ferenc Molnárr Caramel and his wife, Szilvi, told me about their newfound choice.

Fudge and Szofi (source:

- There's often a lot of contrast between perceived maternity and the currency. How did the situation turn out?
"The nine months have almost run away," Szilvi begins. "If I didn't have such a big belly, I might not realize I'm pregnant." I felt great, they weren't sick, medical procedures, medications, everything went fine on your own. All the way to the moment of birth.- What happened there?
- We were prepared for a fetus because the doctor found that the fetus was not well. In the thirty-eighth week, after an examination, we announced that we would be born at ten o'clock the next day, that is, ahead of the operation. I was really scared. So much so that I didn't dare go home anymore, Feri stayed in the private clinic. Strange sensations have been thrown at me. Last night, one body with the child, one with my son, and of course the fear of what the big day would be like. I remember I could hardly close my eyes. Feri Bezzeg…
"Yeah, I rested a little," Fudge confesses, Szilvi smiles.
- She slept like a fur coat. She snore beside me and shot my gum. Then at dawn the door slammed open and the nurse told me we were leaving. I didn't understand why so early, but nobody really addressed me: "The first surgery was missed, now you come." From here, I don't want to remember your history. Absolutely insane, miserable, but also a good amount of downtime, which I was not too mediocre. His end was anesthetic, and I could only cling to Sofi in the hospital bed.
- That must have been shocking. Fudge, what do you remember?
- Fear what's happening, why should we annihilate Szilvi? What is this doctor doing? Then to calm down when I gave Sophi my hand. Seriously, my brain almost cooked up all morning, all I had to do was wash my baby. These sensations cannot be written down.
- How did the first days develop?
"There was pain, suffering, I could hardly move," Szilvi continues. - Breastfeeding didn't even start, I was completely worried that my baby was starving to death. By the time we got home, this thing had been resolved. She had two breasts on me that I couldn't believe in my eyes. Feri neither ... My only sadness is that at the age of six months, Sophi separated, and then we switched to diet. Of course, today he eats everything.
- And as I see it, it unpackes everything, it looks, it gets packed, it gets out ...
"Twenty-two shifts," Fudge admits, "and I don't deny that the larger part is carried by Szilvi." Even though I try to help myself wherever I can, I really wouldn't be in my mother's place often. Sofi has a very strong will.
- The racket is far away.
"That's what he thinks," Szilvi interjects. - I didn't understand, but now the "no" era has come. They always resist, sometimes they don't even know why, but they shake their heads stubbornly. That's why I try to shape life, the weekdays, so that we have less to fight with. We get up early in the morning, have breakfast, and then have some Bogyu and Babuca, play games, and then go out for a walk or go to bed together.
- What kind of baby does a pregnant mother do?
- I won't rest for a minute. I started my business besides the kid, we made moccasins, and there was a growing demand. I also choose the leather that I make from and follow the design process. If Sophi is going to be morose, I will have more time to deal with the business.
- And what does the father think about this?
"At first I had some question marks," Fudge says, "but I had to admit that Szilvi was doing the business very well." I'm proud of him.
"Of course we don't hurry," Szilvi turns back to the previous topic. - Now we're just going to play house with my friends, like Vivien Meda, with whom our kids are almost the same age. And now I have picked out a private inn, where I'll take Sofi two days a week. Seriously, I feel you need more than just my company. Then we'll find that nothing is etched.
"We don't want to hurry this," Soul Fudge says, "because it's so small." And it is so good that we are with us that we can be together all day. Even so, it is sometimes really very hot and we almost get into bed at night.
- Everybody's own?
- Where are you thinking? We are asleep. Imбdjuk.
- One must have the mind to create. How do you create silence around yourself?
- No way. I accept this is such a stage in my life now, ”says Fudge. - When I was holding the big concert in Aren, we went to a wellness hotel in front of it to have time to get ready and relax. I rented two suites directly to get away, but of course we were all together. And I'm not sorry, the kid not only burns me off, he is also full of energy.
- Do you usually sing to him?
- There is no conscious music education yet. We sing nights, sometimes we bump, and as far as music is concerned, we are all-powerful. We'll see where your nose goes. For sure, your hearing is great.
- What do you think?
- If I play something on the piano, he'll drop by and he'll bounce. And, of course, it is buzzing.
- Though it's premature, but do you think it would be possible to start Sofi in a kid's talent competition?
- I don't think I can do that. It will start when you grow up. I do not think it is useful for the little ones to get into the world of media as early as childhood. A big wall is even easier to cope with.
- You'll make a family band. By: kistestvér?
- After Szofi's birth, Szilvi said she never wanted more children. Understandably, she was very worn by the Duchess of Kourhazzi. And then yesterday he tells me he wants another one. A little boy.
- What about you?
- Yeah. But wait. Let's give Sophi everything now and get him some sushi. Then we'll be in for a few years. Still, what good would it be: a little girl, a little boy. Even though a little girl would love it too.