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Adoption will be easier

Adoption will be easier

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From the beginning of the coming year, simplification and speeding up of several child protection and guardianship procedures, such as the adoption or support of the State, is required by the State.

Changes will also mean simpler procedures for pre-adoption and adoption. Applicants will be eligible instead of the previous two hбrom It will be set for a year and will be extendable by one year. Many hundreds of families who initiate adoption are less likely to be judged, less you will need to submit a document, thus reducing the administrative burden. For example, if the child goes to the same family as the parent who attended the transition, the affected parent will appear before the orphan's hearing, and there will be no need to arrange an appointment for the child's care.
Those who wish to marry a child of their spouse or relative can now attend a free counseling session as well as an appointment vizsgбlatokйrt you won't have to pay.
Under the new regulation, infants younger than six weeks old are being reported tizenцt instead of a day, the guardianship office must decide within eight days. Older children are also accelerated into family deception, and within eight days of applying, there is a need to take the necessary examinations and tбjйkoztatбst you will receive your betrothal. In the future, it is also imperative for the custodial authorities that if a child is to be placed in or out of the family, they must also listen to the child's opinion, as their lives will change. Simplifies the kьlfцldцn Hungarian recognition of adoption also took place.