So far, thousands of babysitters have requested support

So far, thousands of babysitters have requested support

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As of July 1, according to the State Treasury of Hungary, more than 12,000 families have requested baby support, autosupport support for large families, or extended tokens.

Katalin Novák said that until Thursday - up to tens of millions of forints for free use - and then to be gradually supported by the birth of children - baby support has been claimed for three thousandAnd 1300 pairs have already been given the amount.So far, thousands of babysitters have requested support
The legtцbben kйrtйk the maximбlis HUF 10 milliу, йs if someone vбrandуssбg 12 weeks utбn nyъjtja the igйnyйt, you can actually be a fьggeszteni tцrlesztйst rцgtцn hбrom йvre - he hozzб.A jelzбloghitel bхvнtett elengedйsйnek lehetхsйgйt szintйn hбromezren igйnyeltйk the nagycsalбdosok autуvбsбrlбsi tбmogatбsбt in turn 6,400 cards so far - presented the latest data to the Secretary of State.It was mentioned in connection with the release of mortgage loans covered by real estate: on July 1st you can ask for one million for every second child, and for every third child up to one million forints. The possibility is that in the past almost three weeks, they have died more than in the previous year, he remarked.
Katalin Novák called the action plan a major topic in Hungarian family history, which is also of interest to the biblical januбr elsejйn and lйp йletbe the nagyszьlхi child care йs the legalбbb nйgygyermekes nхk szemйlyijцvedelemadу-mentessйge.Utуbbirуl kцzцlte, mъlt pйnteken the Orszбggyыlйs accepted vonatkozу the adуtцrvйnyekre jogszabбlyt which rйsze that legalбbb nйgy child mentesьlnek felnevelх nхk йletьk vйgйig PIT fizetйs alуl the keresх income from activity. The benefit will continue to be granted to children after adoption and to those who have already grown up, and the family discount system will be retained in the previous practice - emphasized by Katalin Novák. and there is a need for a well-performing economy as well as for the more planned and planned children to be abolished. The government says And the turning point is not in "external resources", but in supporting the birth of Hungarian children, because Hungarian youth are family-friendly, they want children, and family policy is The Secretary of State also said Catherine Novov has also said that the Parliament has approved the Budget for next year, which is about 2.5 times more than the amount available for deception. Thanks to the action plan, children with children and parents with children can stay at HUF 162 billion in 2020, and with the help of cross-subsidies, it is expected to be worth more than HUF 700 billion.
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