Supported Construction for Large FamiliesThe first walls of the "Great Family House" are alive!

Supported Construction for Large FamiliesThe first walls of the "Great Family House" are alive!

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By the end of July, one of the houses supported by NOE and 5 building companies could be completed.

In the middle of the summer, you can move one of the families into the house of the Family Association of Large Families (NOE) and Five (Baumit Kft., Bramac Concrete Shaping and Plastics Ltd., Schiedel Kéménygyбr Ltd., Tondach Hungary Ltd., Wienerberger Téglaipari zRt.) has been rewarded with $ 10 million worth of product support. The association and its patrons launched at the beginning of 2011 "NagyCsalбdiHбz" is an application project specifically designed for families with three or more small children. One of the two winning family houses will be ready by the end of July, while small and big ones can move into the other real estate in the fall.
NOE йs the tбmogatуk cйlja that - the jцvх йrzett generбciуiйrt tбrsadalmi felelхssйgvбllalбs jegyйben - biztosнtsanak pбlyбzati lehetхsйget rйszйre nagycsalбdok those who can not kizбrуlag energiatakarйkos home biztosнtani megfelelх mйretы, йlhetх, egйszsйges йs not utolsу line hбrom or tцbb gyermekьk szбmбra sajбt erхbхl. The kцrьlbelьl HUF 10 milliу йrtйkы felkнnбlt йpнtхanyag: Wienerberger POROTHERM Profi tйglбi, cellar and vбlaszfal tйglбi, fцdйmrendszere the TONDACH kerбmia tetхcserepei and kerбmia йs not kerбmia tetх kiegйszнtх elements of the Bramac REVIVA Novo tetхrendszere, the Schiedel UNI Plus hхszigetelt kйmйnyrendszere йs the Baumit Pro's Insulation System helps families in the design of modern homes that combine low-cost housing with a healthy home environment. But filling the home with warmth, love, and life is the task of the family.