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3 great ideas for Father's Day

3 great ideas for Father's Day

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Celebrate Father on the third Sunday in June. There's not much time to prepare when you come up with three ideas that you can do with kids, easily, and quickly.

Ideas for Father's DayThe Fathers Day holiday was officially recognized in the United States in 1972, although it was celebrated in 1910. In Hungary, the last couple of years began to infiltrate the public and slowly spreading. On the third Sunday in June, it is becoming increasingly important that mothers should also be celebrating their dads. We'll give you some easy suggestions.


Posca felt pens
acrylic paint, brush
Let's paint a basic color for the gravel, then paint the face after drying.

Fingerprint Bug

Raw materials:
fehér bцgre

Clean the glass, grease it.
Immerse your finger in the porcelain ink and make your fingerprints.
Draw the following sections with a porcelain felt pen.
In accordance with the instructions of the porcelain paints, let us bake the cake in the oven.
The mug can be hand washed.

Sports slice home

30 dkg of powdered sugar
0.5 kg of biscuits
25 dkg margarine (melted)
rum flavor
2 ECTS kakaу
2 dl milk
Top: 15 dkg chocolate bar, 1 tbsp. йtolaj

Mix the grain biscuits with the cocoa powder. Heat the milk, dissolve the sugar and melt the margarine, add it to the cocoa powder biscuits together with the rum aroma, and mix well.

Then we stretch it out to the thickness of my fingers (I used to do folpack: folpack on the bottom, on the top, so I stretch it, and then remove the folpack from the top).
Melt the chocolate over steam and stir in the oil and smooth it. Let cool in freezer. On top, we can make minced noodles, almonds, hazelnuts, raisins, couscous.

  • Father's Daily Poems
  • Dad (too) only has one! That's all we can do for the father
  • Fathers also have a vital impact on the lives of children


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