Hats for the kid!

Hats for the kid!

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Not only boys love to hack! There is a lot of effort, loud banging, and so the kids can release the tension they burn.

This game is for our lively, agile kid, you can release the burned energy by yourself. In a DIY shop, buy a small hammer.
Get big, big nails and pieces of softwood, maybe thick cork. You will also need a work bench for an old bench. Let's show you how to hit the nails, but don't explain too much, let them gather some experience. Make sure the angle is always shorter than the thickness of the tree.

Give him a hammer!

Sprinkle a fine diet or almonds on a thick layer of tissue paper on the ground; we also close the other end. When you move the roller up and down, the rice grains "drip", trembling at the corners, making a sound similar to the whispering rain.
There are more in game stores hats playing You can also get colored, medium-hole holes on the cork board.