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There are few things in the world that we consider to be indispensable, but the fairy tale belongs to them - not only amusement, but also a special form of communication, a condition of meaningful development, and the movement of fantasy.

Reading a fairy tale is important from a very young age

We live in a story

It is great fun for a little kid to play with us, but it is even more fun to be able to participate in the work of adults. The need gave the little ones this pleasure: when my three big brothers went to school, we started with Rebie and Dani at our house: And I told you in between. This is the story of Holle's mom, Hufehrke, Jancsi and Juliska, Piroska and the wolf.Each activity involved a fairy tale, I always remembered a story. "We shake the blanket, pillow, let's give it a lot of fluff, but this red apple is good, like Huffree's apple, we bring the grandma a little more delicious, well, she's sick too ..."
Of course, the kids were able to get into the games, and immediately set up for Hufehrke, the Hunter, the Red, the Character - the boyfriend and sister lucky enough to play the role. Interestingly, I've always been the evil stepmother, witch and wolf, with Rebekah - a sentinel - identified only as positive female figures, and Danira has been assigned the role of a bounty hunter, a warrior, and a freed wolf.
Until they went to age four, they lived like Jancsi and Juliska, Ilona Tenerife, and Prince George. Already in the morning, they moved into the role-playing suit, and the apartment was continually re-arranged and re-arranged according to the storyline. The seven weeks outside our kitchen table were the giraffe's house of the week, but it quickly turned into a bed, where the starred Half-White fell, the refrigerator, and the cardboard box of the tree were some honeysuckle, some blood, sometimes. How did the household work progress? A little slower - unnoticed by me, the kids. It became part of that tale.
Of course evening storytelling will never be missed. Let's get to you early so you can spend a lot of time browsing your favorite books. Sure, these are mom's favorites, too. I think István Kormos, Erzsi Rich, gnes Nemes, János Arany, Ferenc Mуra, Йva Janikovszky, Gyula Illyés poems, tales, László Reber, Kárroly Reich are illustrated with small-time illustrations. Because a fairy tale comes to heart, always related to the same day.
Balabny Klabri

How much boredom to tell ...

I'm not saying this, but Sándor Weцres was right again. When I was young, I wouldn't have dared to imagine myself singing different babies again and again and again and again and again, I might as well fall asleep, but at least I'm not snoring.
I told our first baby a lot about the most diverse books because he was firmly attached to the repetitions he said. However, her sister was born very soon, and two years of age may not be great, and the same thing can be told to them - not least that the number two child has insisted on diversity, and she has also expressed herself. Hesitant, my daughter.
At that time there were two fairy tales, one classic and one full of turns. Almost everything was alright when our baby boy was born, who, as a male, was only fond of comforting, explicitly "repetitive" tales, in which the same phrases, words, and words are repeated as many times as possible. It was incredibly boring. Thank you for the unbelievable three and a different fairy tale we prayed, learn to read, and leave us sad with different men.
This time has come faster than we thought or would have liked. One day we found that a three kids bring the three doors and immerse themselves in different books - And they are especially offended when we open up to them with good things, such as telling us something to do. This is the time for the great evening talk, when the day was regularly organized. The place of this was not their room, but where the family had just mingled, in the garden, in the dining room, anywhere. They were good conversations, I learned a lot about life.
I was born into this idyll with our little children, and I already knew that if I had to tell my life once again or read panty bunny tales, I would get screaming and emigrate. But I didn't have to. Three of my older children - all in their own, minor monomanias - entertain the smallest, the big one literally spends obligatory tales, the twin turns are abundant, and the little one always tries to make me feel very relaxed.
I think of this type of turbulent child: he was so bored with the vaguely imagined fantasy that his half-year to their children.
Törökk Monika

Gonzбlez, the miracle player

When I was a kid, they told me a lot and many things, my grandfather's head, standing figures, my papa's books and german, my mom's and grandmother's books, and in Hungarian. Needless to say, I loved listening to the story, and none of my evenings passed. If I was sick - and this happened quite often - there was a fairy tale.
After such benefits, it is natural that and we tell a lot to our own children, starting in infancy. At first, there were simple little stories woven around toy figures, plasticizers, and kids, which we played with the role of the children. We followed fly-by-night stuffed with unrecognizable animals, without reading the poems they read, often under-criticized. Бltalбban the age of fairy tales read from the book between the ages of three and three.
The turns of the kings, the fairy tales, were very much enjoyed, and there was a lot of new stuck in them, which is missing from our weekly joviality. After tales we were able to talk to them: I was wondering what they were offering to finish. The wolf, for example, was very sorry. That's why we came up with a tame ending: After the hunter helped the world with Red and Grandma, he found himself in the anesthetized wolf zoo, where he still insists that he is the one who…
It was time to retell the old, admired stories, but only once or twice. Then came the story from the head. Gonzbalez, the miracle soon became a favorite of children. Gonzi magбnyos hхs, igazsбg the champion of gyengйk vйdelmezхje who elsхsorban цtleteivel unheard ravaszsбgбval, mбsodsorban leckйzteti pйldбtlan bбtorsбgбval line at the elrablу уvodбsok jбtйkait banditбkat the gбtlбstalan bбlnavadбszokat the erdхirtуkat the hуdok йs bйkйs rуkбk йletйre tцrх vadбszokat.
Gonzi's poins were non-violent, and the perpetrators of the wrongdoing were usually hired. Matyi, the oldest son, soon came up with his own story. She is the first and most famous of her little brothers and sisters. The picture was draped by Bourrembukk, a papal, Brain-minded, raw-bodied, power-driven Bourbembuk who stepped out of a Yakai narrative to make our children laugh.
Storytelling, listening to a fairy tale, is also a sign of peace, security, and peace of mind, so much so that I will later be most comfortable with the children and sleep. There are so many things to do.
W. Ungvбry Renбta

Just the book and what!

Even small children should make sure that books play an important role in life every day. Let's spend some time relaxing and chatting in a quiet time. It is not worth reading at this age as it does not distract your little attention. Let's not hurry, let's spend a long time on each page, let's get every little detail and point it at our fingertips.
You can also ask questions, include them in the careful study of drawings, photos, simple pictures. Initially, he likes larger, more transparent pencils, only to be able to navigate in a more cluttered, finer detail as he goes through high school. The hard workbook is good for getting started, making it easier for a small child to scroll.
Numerous books make entertaining fun for you: stroking, pressing, pulling out, sounding parts, even when the baby doesn't need them, they aren't always happy. Many times the book wants to be a toy (like auto-cut pages), but it won't make it smaller. Rather, the intimate situation convinces me of the importance and the beauty of it: when you look at the pictures with your parents, you hear their voices, and they are completely united and neglected.
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