What will the child become narcissistic?

What will the child become narcissistic?

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By exploiting, manipulating, controlling, incapable peer-to-peer human relationships - such is a narcissistic man. All this comes from the childhood experience, the parent-child relationship.

What will the child become narcissistic?

How great this narcissistic killing is the dynamics of the parent-child relationship arises. These are not reported Aaron L. Pincus Professor of American Psychology at Scientific American, which has been viewed by divany.hu.An individual of a narcissistic person is characterized by the fact that everything rouls, is in the center, the world is worthy of attention, and is constantly admired. He does not stand for criticism, he is not capable of adapting, he does not feel empathy, at most guilt. As a result, human relationships can never be balanced, unable to afford. However, in the face of severe maladaptation, a negative image, though, he himself is only very rarely aware. The background of narcissism is, to a small extent, genetic, but it is primarily the early environment that is responsible. Research has shown that the emergence of two forms of narcissistic personality is a parental behavioral decision. unconditional parental support, that is, when all criticism is prayerful behavior, regardless of ability. Later on, everyone is expecting this prayer and wonder. Because this image develops a strong sense of superiority, it is difficult or not at all critical of criticism. Parents with these behaviors put their good and bad behavior, strengths and weaknesses in the same kind of hat, so the child, and then the grown-up, can't make up the the cold, cold, remote behavior in which reinforcement or support is not even known. With very nehйz megkьzdenie a child, vйdekezйsьl alakнt out a йnkйpet that the elхzхekhez hasonlуan a completely distorted, not lйvх kцszцnх the relationship valуsбggal йnkйp: elnyomjбk negatнv йrzйseiket ruhбzzбk up йs a nagyszerы, lйlegzetelбllнtу, csodбlatra mйltу йnkйppel magukat.Egy nбrcisztikus people egйsz His life is full of this affirmation should be confirmed by others. Because processes started in an early environment, they are very difficult to change, and a narcissist is very rarely in search of a fault, and it is also very rare that he needs help. Of course, he suffers: his relationships are difficult, conflicting, and the world does not justify his fullness.Related articles in parenting:
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