You can also pick up ticks on the toy

You can also pick up ticks on the toy

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We hike in the woods, picnic in the park, play with the kids at the playground. But for warmth and sunshine, not only our food, but also ticks.

The tick repellent spray makes their job harderIn nature, amongst trees, bushes, but even in the courtyard of houses, ticks have come, and they just expect to wear their fur on our fur, our clothes or our uncovered body at an untimely moment. we can protect ourselves by knowing our habits and knowing what we can do to stay away from the maggot. And if we are bitter, let us do the following. introduce ourselves, we need to know where we can meet us, how we can protect ourselves, which parts of our body we like the most, and how to get them out. believe everything we've done on Facebook, even if the title says it is the latest method to remove or keep a tick. Dr. Jelenik Zsuzsanna, a specialist in infectology at the Buda Health Center.

What are the most common parental beliefs?

  • Ticks can only be found in the forest. - That's not true. Blood lovers love parks, gardens and jockeys, that is, any bushy, grassy area.
  • Watch out for the guy jumping in your neck! - The ticks live happily in the tall and most often come from there. That is why not only the forest walk, but also after a day in the park or playground, we look closely at ourselves and our children.
  • I twist it, lubricate it, and then it goes out on its own. - The worst we can do. Because ticks do not cause the tongue, but the rodents injected into our blood. Trying to remove them with oil, vinegar, or whatever else causes the tick to choke and re-increase the risk of infection. It is best to chill it out with a set motion using a special tweezer (also suitable for eyeglasses) designed for this purpose. A head that is torn in the skin does not cause any problems, and on a few days it is self-deprecating, like a mite.
  • The vaccination can wait until the start of the tick season. - It's not worth it, because the virus is protected by three vaccines against tick-borne encephalitis. At least one month must pass between the first two. And a third vaccination will be needed 6-9 months later. This is followed by 3 and 5 yearly vaccinations. It is recommended to start the vaccination series in the coming months, so that they will be protected for spring, the beginning of outdoor activities. After a month of untreated ticks, it is recommended to start the vaccination series a month later!
  • Garlic, Vitamin B, or other strong odor foods keep your bloodstream away. - No, but the socks in the pants, the long sleeve top, the tick-resistant spray and the cap make things harder. Feel less uncomfortable.
    "In the evening bath, we also look closely at the shoulder blades, the curves, the neck, the head and the scalp at the nape, and the ticks are the ones we like the most. these are almost impossible to grasp with a special tweezers, in which case a thinner eyeliner can be useful, or can even be removed by scrubbing it with your fingers. a red spot that can lead to nausea, vomiting, weakness, seek medical attention immediately as these may be symptoms of Lyme disease, "the doctor said.

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