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The bathrooms

The bathrooms

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Bathing, purifying your baby is an enormous honor and family ceremony! Almost every photo album has a place for flash snapshots. Weakness, happy single-mindedness, purity was just that.

The bathrooms

The kismamбk the elsх days talбn bizonytalankodnak fьrdetйskor, kцrцmvбgбskor, бm soon rбjцnnek the aprу fortйlyokra.A baby бpolбsa szнvmelengetх, hбlбs task gyцnyцrkцdhetьnk rуzsaszнn bхrйben, gyengйden megdцgцnyцzhetjьk hurkбcskбit, йs йlvezhetjьk utбnozhatatlan the baby's scent. Although the baby will not be dirty in the first few months, the daily bath is good for him, although the daily bath is not absolutely necessary. After a long ceremony, he is tired, so he sleeps on afterwards. If you spruce up, bathe in the morning or drizzle. Let's warm up the bathroomto keep her naked.

Body care, massage, bath

Prepare everything you need: bath sheets, baby oil or bodysuit, buttocks, new clothes, diapers. Let the warmer water in the tub, as it cools down before the baby is placed. The point is, when you put the little one in, then The temperature of the water should be between 36-38 degreesso it should be pretty much body warm. You can also watch the water temperature with our lightweight and possibly with a special water meter. Move your limbs a little, pressing your shoulders lightly on your belly. You can learn the teeth of a baby massage from our guide or course. Let's raise it now. Proper hand baths: Use one hand to lean on the baby's head. With our fingers and palms, we clasp our arms under our armpits, our heads resting on our forearms. With another hand, you can use a washcloth or diaper to wipe your body. We also place great emphasis on genital cleansing. Do not retract from small children (afternoon to genital direction). In warm, warm water, the baby is usually distracted. Support the forehead with our forearms. The long bath will dry out the skinand the water cools down, so don't take too long for the procedure. Use a soap-level bath, which is at most a medicinal bath bath (Unguentum hydrophilicum nonionicum), or a bath containing natural ingredients that are specifically made for babies. Beware of nutritional products, coloring agents, artificial ingredients, fragrances - these are not baby food! However, you do not really need them, clean water will do it too. (When rubbing the scalp, you don't have to worry about causing some damage to the well.) Cover it completely and water it with water, but do not rubbecause we are damaging the soft skin upper skin. Carefully stop the ear shell, but do not swallow with clean shoes! The hem flushes out on its own, wiping it out with a soft cloth diaper up to our fingers. In the first few months it is common for small outbreaks to appear on the baby's cheeks, this is milking. Mostly it is caused by breast milk due to the underdevelopment of the baby's internal system. Over time, he thinks of himself. Even large, yellow acne can occur - don't touch it! If the small bumps multiply, form a contiguous field and cause concern in the mother, then consult a pediatrician or pediatrician. If oiling or body care is concerned, seek medical attention and use the ointment.

Burning air

Skin care also includes aeration. The baby's skin is very sensitive, but the special sunburn is a very special hue for eczema skin. From three months onwards, gradually increase the daily "nudity" time from one minute to two and a quarter to ten hours before and three minutes after lunch. The area covered with the diaper should only be lightly greased with popcorn, if it is very necessary, because the thickly applied ointment will stain the diaper and dampen the dampness of the skin. In particular, we have to store the scrotum in the scrotum, the stains that are stuck here can cause minor inflammation. Avoid bodily movement from the back of the eye to prevent bacteria from reaching the vagina at the end. Fungi may settle in warm, humid areas with frequent aeration we can prevent it. The diaper should only be given loosely and gently to the baby. If the weather permits, leave a bit more diaper nйlkьl. Avoid perfumed products, they can cause allergies. Use only products that do not damage the skin's natural acid mantle. Hint: If the baby bumps out, look for it! The baby's heartworm infection can also cause rabies, which is not suitable for traditional butterscotch. If the skin becomes abrasive, anti-aging creams are a great help. Also worth reading:
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