Confidence and maternity

Confidence and maternity

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Klárri is uncertain about her baby's weight and her mother. Is there a connection between the two? The psychologist answers.

My one-year-old son weighed 8 and a half. I know that not everything in my body is self, my son is agile, alive and smart. She sucks six to eight times, receives fruit three times, and steaks.
I have the pleasure of breastfeeding for as long as you need it, whether it's feeding or comforting. I don't bother or bite at all, unless I fall asleep, it is hard to let go of my breast and I can take it out if it is very painful. To my surprise, almost everyone would stop breastfeeding right away. So far, two people have been praised by my brother, both strangers! And the reporters are always uncertain.
The other request is completely different. It is about my mother who does not respect us as a family, and she has less role here. I was born to bother me to see her while breastfeeding, and she said she didn't bother and stayed. Or he called us to head out there, dress the kid up. At first I was expecting my boyfriend to signal to him, but since it didn't happen, I was hard pressed to give birth. The situation is very mild as she is sensitive, old and alone. I do not know how to be diplomatic at the same time, but I am determined.
Dear Klbri,
The two requests - surprisingly - match. The bottom line is that it would be really better for you to have confidence in yourself. Of course, this is not easy, but with greater confidence, they are all wonders. I think breastfeeding gives you great confidence, just because the world doesn't confirm it, in fact… So it's not enough that you do something right, just like all of us. And criticism comes to a halt - as will all of us. I think it would help a lot if you talk to friends or other mothers who think breast milk and breastfeeding are just as valuable. Yeah, it's great to have a yearlong breastfeeding, and it's good to have a lot, and it's really okay to have so many pounds - of course, if you're healthy at all.

Conflict with the mother

One thing struck me that suggested that you might put your little one's needs ahead of your own. You say, "if you fall asleep, it's hard to let go of my breasts, but it's not fast either, and I can take it out if it's very fat." I think you don't have to wait to be "really" afraid. The natural separation is that the mother gives feedback to the baby when something is over, furry or heady. And this will be good for the kid as well. If you don't get feedback in time, but shorter time for a more serious bite, you might think "big enough, you know," it will be harder to understand the correlations. It is also your concern to report the inconvenience. It is not uncommon for us to have pain and fatigue, we do not even know why, and it explodes. Let's scold the little guy for something he can't do. It is better to always report the problem in a timely and gentle way than it is when it is bigger. The point is to take into account your own body cues.
"Motherhood": If you had more confidence, you could bring out the important and the irrelevant. It doesn't matter how you have your phone, what kind of clothes you have or how much clothes you should give your child. I thank the council for not promising to follow it and give it to the child what you see as good for you. But if you are disturbed when you are breastfeeding, I have the right to send you and insist that you go out. And this would be a good thing if you could count on your husband, since he is already the new family, he should diplomatically and again be determined to represent the interests of the baby and his wife.
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