There is new evidence that vitamin D protects against cancer

There is new evidence that vitamin D protects against cancer

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Researchers have found new evidence that vitamin D protects the body from cancer. Examining the Asian population, they concluded that their body's higher levels of vitamin D were associated with the risk of developing cancer.

There is new evidence that vitamin D protects against cancerThe study recently investigated the vitamin D levels in Asian populations and the correlation of cancer risk in BMJ. The research Taiki Yamaji And his staff, the National Cancer Center of Japan, Institute of Public Health. Vitamin D is essential for our body. It contributes to calcium intake and influences the immune system. The body's most important source of vitamin D is sunlight, which is often referred to as "sunlight vitamin". Vitamin D also contains a number of foods, eg. salmon, tuna, cheese and dietary supplements can also be consumed in the form of vitamin tablets. Previous research has shown that low vitamin D levels increase the risk factor for certain types of cancer, and that increased levels of vitamin A may help in the fight against disease. Vitamin A concentration is ethnically, nationally, quite different. He vizsgбltбk tehбt to the felnхtteknйl japбn vitamin D levels befolyбsolja elemeztйk how the rбk kockбzatбnak kialakulбsбt.A kutatуk 33 736 japбn felnхtt adatбt who were 69 to 40 йs йv kцzцttiek. On average, they followed them for 16 years. Participants were divided into groups based on vitamin D levels, from the lowest to the highest. Information was also collected on subjects' histories, dietary and lifestyle factors. Several other factors were observed, such as body mass index, smoking, physical activity, and alcohol consumption. During the 16-year follow-up, a total of 3301 cancer cases were identified. Those who had high levels of vitamin D had a 20 percent reduction in the risk of developing cancer. The study also found that those with high levels of vitamin D had a 30 to 50 percent reduction in the risk of developing a liver compared to those with low levels of vitamin D. However, there was no correlation between the risk of developing lung and prostate cancer and vitamin D levels. For the time being, only a small number of cancers have been investigated, and it is possible that some non-cancerous cancer factors may influence their findings. However, against. The eredmйnyek it mutatjбk that there is a optimбlis levels of vitamin D, which the megvйd rбktуl but tovбbbi kutatбsokra is szьksйg to tudjбk hatбrozni exactly how much is this level. (Article forrбsa)Related articles about Vitamin D:
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