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Coffee, tea, cocoa, ydts: Many people only mention them when asked about their daily drink. What a variety of delicious and healthy wonders to surprise yourself and your tummy! I've compiled my favorites for you.

You can choose from a number of healthy drinks

Yes, this condition is not uncommon for a baby in the first few months. If you are flat, stupid, you know exactly what I mean. It's just a matter of looking for something to keep in your mind, but the solid food keeps you cold when you think about it. You can drink milk coffee, cocoa, of course, but why not try something else? For example, one of the following combinations. Lehetхleg keep the inniever cooler. And if that doesn't work, think that it was easiest to get rid of it.Apricot smoothie: mix two deci ice cold milk, a peachy peach (or peach compote), a teaspoon of lemon juice, and a teaspoon of browned milk.Apple Smoothie: nibble and grate a sweet, flawless apple. Sprinkle two tablespoons of instant soda flakes (the baby will find some of these in powdered powders, an extra ingredient) and three decisions of orange juice, then blend well. You can also get a bunch of dried carnations!


For the summer, of course, the best is water, and you should choose high-content. If you have to take magnesium anyway, you can pick it out with magnesium citrate water. You can obtain the powder you need for this from your pharmacy, and you should consult your doctor for dosage. The result is a pleasant, sour drink that you can always bring with you. Not a bad solution a half-baked 100% fruit nor, but remember, if you drink a lot of it, you will also consume a lot of sugar. You can indulge yourself with a lot of tea in cold and cold weather. It is not generally forbidden to drink black and green tea, but it is worth making it thicker than usual. For example, filter a 5-7 deci water on a filter. Find out if your tea tastes fresh! You will be amazed at how well you feel the natural aroma. With Pocak (and, of course, also) my favorite is the green jasmine tea with cream. gyуgynцvйnyteбk besides cheating (it helps you to overcome iron deficiency), lemon juice (soothes you pleasantly) and mint (enhances your vitality). Kill a drizzle of a teaspoonful of dried plants with about a deci of boiling water.

Kalouriad inns

With these, you can choose a cooker if you have something that is extremely quick to do and can be destroyed quickly in your mind. You will benefit even if you are worried about not earning enough. In this case, you can drink as much of these wonderful mixes as you can!Hazelnut milk: drizzle on a little deca hazelnuts and try to drizzle the skin hot in a kitchen towel. Grind the peanuts, mix them with a teaspoon of oatmeal flour, then pour it over three and a half decisions of hot milk, a teaspoon of honey, and mix well.Almond-cucumbers: Peel off a handful of almonds with hot water (super if there is a single bitter almond between them), and then shave off the shells. Save the bare almonds (this can be done with a fine grit). Mix the minced almonds with two teaspoons of couscous powder, one tablespoon of oatmeal flour and one teaspoon of almond or kernel oil. Instead of the latter, you can choose any valuable, non-refined vegetable oil. Scrape some vanilla into it, add a teaspoon of honey and three deci boiled rice milk, then blend well. Freshly consumed!


If you treat yourself to such a varied drink every day, you may forget about vitamin supplements. It doesn't matter if you have a fruit centrifuge that you can use to fresh fruit and green juice. It is especially worth it when you get plenty of apples, other fruits, greenery from your own garden. You can also use mirelite fruit for smoothie drinks. Don't regret the money, as it comes in at two tenths of a penny of money than if you were buying a professional leopard arm. It is true that it is not good to clean it, but to decontaminate the machine for two purposes, it does not work efficiently. You can get two deci juices from a large, medium-sized, juicy apple. Lemon juice, wheat flour, breadcrumbs and possibly a tiny bit of oil can be a permanent ingredient!Photo: Rbtka Йva
Blueberry smoothie with oat bran and rice milk
Sambarga, celery, apple: use the equals equally. Add whipped cream, a spoonful of wheat, a spoonful of millet, a spoonful of lemon juice. Don't forget to add a teaspoon of olive oil to help you take advantage of the fatty vitamins. You can shake freshly pressed juices in a well-sealed jar with more access. The result will be an incredibly savory drink if you even mix a tablespoon of cress or mustard seed. But this requires a bot blender, not the frosted glass.Apples, oranges, grapes, prunes: first squeeze the orange juice and soak some prunes. In a fruit centrifuge, try apples and grape juice (okay, if at least two and a half deci combine!), Add a teaspoon of lemon juice, a tablespoonful of juice, a tablespoon. All this can go into the mixing bowl, into which you can add the orange soup with prunes in a teaspoonful of ground cinnamon.

Other Divine Combinations:

- banana, sour cherry blend with fresh lemon juice and paprika
- Apricots, blacks, lemons blended with freshly pressed apple juice and half-weight blender
- Strawberry, kiwi fruit with apple juice and fresh orange juice

Good drinks - is it soup?

Who hasn't been drinking yet buljonkбt, don't miss it! Йn Szuddy Judith I heard about it, after that I can't wait to cook potatoes. Because you make it: I stuff the hot, cooked juice of the peeled, chopped potatoes in a saucepan, add a little butter butter, a sour cream sour cream and some freshly ground pepper, and warm it.Wild tomatoes: light two fresh tomatoes, chop a little onion, and then pour two deci tomato juice over them. Sprinkle with oregano, add a pinch of cooked cabbage, a pinch of ground chilli pepper, and mix. Ice cold not so much, but cellar cold (much to a degree) great!


Some of the ingredients listed here (couscous milk powder, oatmeal flour, cornflakes, rice milk, cold-pressed vegetable oil) are in vain for polar spice. It's best to go to a bio shop and get them all in one place.Related articles in this topic:
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