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Born to Love: This is the Newborn!

Born to Love: This is the Newborn!

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His abilities are impressive, his appearance, his voice, his horns are such that everyone wants to protect and make love. Parents are the most beautiful in the world, but it takes some time to understand exactly what you want.

The baby is born to love

Small ball

He bends his hands, his feet bent, puts them up, pulls them apart and suddenly stops them when he is just scared of some noise or sudden change of position. She loves to get hugged, wrapped tightly, wrapped in a carrying case or wrapped in a soft blanket. A significant part of his body is his tummy, but it is just a dozen large stomachs. True, it's a surprisingly overbearing organ, but it is better to eat small portions more often and lose less milk. It is normal to produce a diaper after every meal.

Soft and velvety

Nothing can touch the newborn's delicate skin. Fetal cones still visible after childbirth are a useful protection, they do not have to be washed, wiped off and absorbed spontaneously. Baby skin is very delicate, it can easily wash out a lot of bathing ... You can cover it with back, earpieces, small tiny fluff, but it looks like it does with the first baby hair.

Head to head

Yes, this is your biggest body part, it makes up your whole body. Lying in the belly, you can reverse it, trying to find the source of the five voices sounding. He buzzing in a buffoon, maybe holding his head for a few moments. The big fountain is pounding over his head, and the back is more small. Still relatively soft on the skull, during mid-life can crawl on one another some parts for easier progress. And so there must be room for growth!

Cold toes

Even though the circulatory system is immature, it can be cold even if it is not cold. The цsszebъjбs it also helps, because the mother's body well overwhelms the baby.

When does it fall?

The baby stump has been around for days after birth elszбrad, but it can take up to two to three weeks before you get surprised.


First, it only raises the forehead and rotates its head while its hands and feet are constantly moving. Then she begins to sneeze, stuffing her mouth into her mouth, finally sighing. An impatient baby will not leave time for the transition, he should wake up as he wakes up as he wants to eat soon.

Listen and see

His father and father will know the voice of his father as soon as possible we turn to turn, eyes wide open, can even imitate facial expressions. You are captivated by this look, the enormous eyes of the face! This is exactly the purpose: parents and the little newborn love each other. At first, you can see a face that is 20 to 25 centimeters from your face, and the first two to two weeks, on the average, are overexpressed. Of course, individual differences can be great.


From the henchmen a reflex brought with youso that her mother could cling to her coat. You can also select the sole and palm of your hand by placing your finger on your palm or toe and gently pressing it. He squeezes it so firmly that we could lift it up so he would hold on firmly. All this suggests that the baby was not a "baby" at first, but a constantly carried baby, clinging to it like a tiny monkey in its mother, but the dense fur had disappeared from humanity, but our beans had a finely crafted solution. carrying them on their own. Even today, more and more parents are opting for this solution because most newborns are calmed by the proximity of their body.

Search and find!

When it comes to the face of an Iberian baby, he tries to turn to it, and he also looks up at his mother. It behaves the same way when it comes to paying attention to your face or when you touch your own self. If she is placed in the abdomen of her mother immediately after childbirth, congenital reflexes help her to crawl to her breast, rotate her head and look for the nipple. You can get it right and you can get it right. You can do this for a while, so if you have breastfeeding problems, you might want to try this method so you know what your baby should do. If you have a clean little finger, no fingers, fingers, or nipples in your newborn's mouth, you will begin to hear it immediately, szopуreflex take care.

She's asleep

The newborn, when tired, is able to fall asleep without any transitions, and is so dreadful that he may not even wake up when put back and forth. The forearm is relaxed, its wheezing is even. To the fright of the parents a few seconds of breathing also occur during sleep, but no cause for concern, this is normal! When he sleeps, he starts to move, frowning, his hands swinging from time to time, and opening his eyes slightly, sucking. Even breaths alternate with faster breathing. All of this indicates that you will soon be fully awake, feeding time approaching. In this case, the baby can be awakened by waking and breastfeeding.

You barely whisper?

The newborn still lives in the midst of very diverse sounds, sometimes with surprisingly wide tempo. When he is asleep, he must lean over to feel his breath, so quiet and gentle the lungs move. At other times you can hear it through your closed door, making it so loud. It basically breathes through the nose, so the baby wears every baby.Related articles in this topic:
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