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Birth (almost) just like Grace ClinicBirthing Regina Aranyi - May 11, 2015

Birth (almost) just like Grace ClinicBirthing Regina Aranyi - May 11, 2015

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I'm getting ready for the ctg exam at 38 weeks, which will be two. No dining, my cousin comes with me, we go to see the curtain in the nursery, and then we eat in between, the exam is max. eagle.

Urine lead, you did not realize that your baby, unlike before, does not give birth. Gypsy to my stomach, we hate it every day. Baby does not moan, but okay, sure sleeps. Blood pressure measurement follows. He's very tall, he has white in his urine, and so I'm wet for weeks that the kid's father is called more dinny. I didn't have to go to the doctor to fall, what follows: toxaemia, bastard. Doc confirms my lexical knowledge of Google and Facebook groups: Cheers. When? Today. Puff, I got mad at the infu, at the level of my niece (would-be godmother and then would-be doctor) .The story goes that I went to st, I didn't pay anything because I was wildly convinced that I would pay more the doc is looking good too, not getting rich - i guess - alone, so sure he did well. It turned out later that it was a committed suicide business because a nice prospective acquaintance looked at my papers afterwards, and it turned out that this whole thing could have been avoided if you were more attentive and diety. I hired neither a doctor, because I was so disrespectful in Hungarian health, so the doctor said, "my dear sweetheart, here's a referral from Syria, good luck!" I think I got a shock here, a little shriek and couldn't talk, I went to the bus stop, called my dad about what. The godmother was beaten by the water, sure we wouldn't get on the bus, we would take a taxi, even though the bus would get there sooner, and I wouldn't go to BKV for a Surgical referral.

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While in the hospital, I recorded my data until then I had a slight rush to see if I could have a natural break, then my blood pressure was clear that no, because we can both stay there. They put me in one of the nursing rooms (I was in a nursing home visit, I didn't want to go there originally, but in the cool room of a big French bedding, but now it was anyway) because I had to wait for the programmed bastards to go there. Dad said he wouldn't take part in it, nor did he prepare for his father's birth. Wait, giggle, tell you about the Grace clinic's current newsletter. Doctor comes in, introductory, young chick, thirty, but nice and determined and chocolate smells in her mouth ... It's crazy because I have eaten too much and the infusion doesn't live well ...We leave halfway through, so it's not like it's in the series. The myths are at the top level, animal look at Dél Pest, I note to the anesthetic doctor that it is good to work like that. I had to live half as much as a tablecloth, and I couldn't imagine how they would be seen here when I didn't even see it. Of course, the godmother stood up to the docs until she was listening to the doctor to see if I could keep the spirit in. Daddy, wait, docs come. Because anyone who resides in the city needs the chief physician as well, but he is a caracan nocturnal. When the shroud was stored on me, imagining what was going to happen in the hospital series, I had to jump into the anesthetic doctor to put my blood pressure and everything back because I almost missed it.

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The prospective doctor grew up in Christianity and began to tell them what they were doing. Did I tell you to shut up, come to the movies now or keep the spirit in me? Since she didn't give birth anymore, she was just afraid of what they were doing, so I had to have fun. Luckily, the anesthetic doctors told me some funny treasure-robbing story, and I noticed that their cap was a sample, just like in the Grace clinic, so I thought they and myself were very cool.The movie was 15 minutes, not pleasant but not immature, rather weird. I felt that I didn't feel down there, just that they were doing something, sometimes I felt a little pressure, and then I heard that Rozi was born. They didn't give it to me, they brought in a silver pile of silver in a couple of minutes, it was like a hairy little gyros, but it was really cool! Godmother to the kid (of course, leave me alone, anyway), a foreign male guy and one who was there told me that he would put me on the bed where they would take me to the guard (this is a morbid name). I didn't believe he would succeed because he was smaller than me but pick-me-up. I wandered out to relatives (like Catherine princess, just panting in midair to not look anything), everyone said i'm a "hero" and all.Pampers Reliable Defense - Complaint


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