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Such is when two moms are vlogging

Such is when two moms are vlogging

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A Hungarian mother living in Vienna in Vienna decided to show her in the form of a video blog that a mother can live a full life abroad.

Like when a mother vlogs (Photo: Nargra Varga, Love & Lights)

Two Hungarian mother-in-law, Krisztina йs Fanny She called me a life in Vienna, a super community where Hungarian moms in Austria might find themselves a bit late. They have workshops and showcases through exciting vlog interviews, what life is like for a woman Christina worked for 8 years in advertising, but when her husband got a job in Vienna 4 years ago, she had to give up her career. It was a difficult decision, but it was finally packed and moved. "That German language didn't go, so it was very difficult to get a job at first. After all, I got a job in a hotel. interviewing women who, for some reason, went abroad and found themselves, set up a goal, or started a business, "he told me," that she had a meeting with her was not accidental, she also has two little girls, and her life is about 9 years old to Vienna. We talked a lot and on one of these occasions he wondered what it would be like to start We blog in public, and showcase Hungarian women on the video blogs. We are very enthusiastic, though none of us have experience in this genre. But that's how we got there. "

Inspired, supported by this community

"Thousands of Hungarians live in Vienna, but there are also many in the country. Many people come here to speak no or only basic German, and they do not know how the system works, so it is very important to officially approve. one such I supported these womenwhere they can get help and find new friends and professional relationships. Of course, there are many Hungarian online forums based on interest, but there is a community where mothers / women can talk about their professional background, career or biography, "we don't really know." I'm not just a mom. There was still a woman in me who was trying to find herself. And I think there are many other mothers with this. However, it is a fact that at first it is difficult to get used to the new situation. No help, everyone is dependent on themselves. Everything is unknown to man, all new. That's why we thought that in a community like Femspace, besides being inspired by personal life stories, it would be nice to have some baby-friendly places, programs, known or unknown, , or only Hungarians coming to visit can be informed. "

We can find ourselves everywhere

"Great rйsze Lean in Femspace nхi kцzцssйg members you have already ъgy йrkezett Ausztriбba that home was a felйpнtett szйpen karrierjьk Many kцzьlьk the orszбgvбltбssal egyidхben vбltak anyбvб also нgy this case talбljбk themselves virtually duplбn hбtrбnyos position pбlyafutбsuk szempontjбbуl: a. Fйrfiakkal ellentйtben - often "With a baby being a little off the chart, the language may not be spoken well, and there is no chance of a professional transition," says Fanni. "Thematic workshops can also be of great help to us in this regard. We consider it important to support them in achieving their stated goals, including with mentors, we are young and old. "" Our aim is to present Vienna from our point of view, interviewed through interviews, and exemplify luck and success in every field. you can find yourself. You can always start over. "The blog is here and the Facebook page is here.
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