Moment: Two months after first, twin dolls met

Moment: Two months after first, twin dolls met

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Two months earlier, two twin babies were born in Scotland, of whom the BBC produced a stunning video.

Source: BBC FacebookThe life of premature twin babies at birth has not developed properly, so the first minutes of their lives were critical. Wrapped in plastic foils, they were heated, and as soon as their condition was stabilized, the babies were placed in the Newborn Intensive Class. Here they had to stay in an incubator until the day they would have their official birth date. The dolls could not go home until the following 3 functions were fully functional: to keep them cool, to breathe independently, and to eat on their own.Jack and Jacob's mom Danielle told the baby on the 9th day that it was fascinating to see the twins grow up naprуl day.However, the babies returned to the intensive care unit for a few weeks with worried symptoms: they found blood in their pet and did not accept the food. Danielle became panicked when she found out and couldn't rest until she knew the boys were okay. Although little boys have not been tested for identical twins, they are virtually identical.Before their doctors let them home, all they had to do was learn how to eat on their own. In front of them all the babies could only be fed by having a tube down their stomachs.You can watch a racy video of the little boy story here:

Interesting about the twins relationship

Twin babies are consciously communicating with each other at the 14th week of pregnancy, and 40 percent of them develop their own tongue. Researchers believe that twin dolls use a model of communication in language learning when adults' speech is not readily available. Until they learn how to use the currency, they can talk to each other in twin languages, which disappears most often in infancy. According to research, twins are they are in physical contact with one another. When touching a sensitive area like the rest of their eyes, they do so very weakly. It is even more exciting that the twin babies are just slightly instructing them to make contact with their brothers and sisters as soon as they were born.Related links:


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