The cure of "unknown origin" infertility

The cure of "unknown origin" infertility

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Infertility exceeding two years occurs in about 15-16 percent of households. So, out of the households of women born in one year, about 12,000 do not have the desired pregnancy in our country.

The successful solution of the infertility is also significant from the point of view of necrosis. About one-third of the bearish couples own. unknown eredetы meddхsйg бll maintained that the meddхsйg hбrom justified reason kцzьl (spermatolуgiai eltйrйs, nхi anatуmiai reason for ovulбciу hiбnya) none mutathatу ki.A petefйszekben йlettani the ovulбciуt kцvetхen kialakulу sбrgatest role kettхs: egyrйszt elхkйszнti mйhnyбlkahбrtyбt the egg befogadбsбra, mбsrйszt plays an integral role in maintaining pregnancy during the first trimester. Elйgtelen mыkцdйsйnek kцvetkezmйnye this alapjбn kettхs: pronounced mыkцdйszavar esetйn the egg is not kйpes beбgyazуdni the mйhnyбlkahбrtyбba (meddхsйg) enyhйbb mыkцdйszavar esetйben and the egg as beбgyazуdik the mйhnyбlkahбrtyбba the sбrgatest but terhessйg fenntartбsбra you have already kйptelen, нgy the terhessйg interrupted йs spontбn abortion, in the repeated case, a normal abortion will be created. Based on my new diagnostic criteria and my treatment results, I have confirmed that on the basis of representative patient material. infertility of unknown origin in almost all cases is due to unrecognized corpus luteum deficiency (LUTE). The primary causal role of luteal inadequacy was demonstrated by the fact that in all physiological luteal functions a pregnancy was achieved (from 355 patients to 457 pregnancies), which was confirmed by a positive annual pregnancy rate (98%). it can be easily solved by treating the corpus luteum. I intend to introduce the method widely and nationally and to introduce it into everyday practice.